Facebook Rooms

Not sure how useful this’ll be, but you now have a new way to chat about AGameAWeek..
Facebook Rooms is a new app on iOS, and I’m sure it’s available via other methods, otherwise it’s a great big waste of time!!



Rock, Paper, Shotgun!

The great online site, Rock, Paper, Shotgun seem to have randomly decided to feature a Platdude game, which is odd, given that they’ve picked the most frustratingly difficult one!!

Platdude in a Bit of a Spin has been picked for their frontpage!

Hurray for Platdude!!


Please Wait…

During these later months of the year, whilst I’m busying away with my Advent calendar collection, there’s going to be a slight delay in the usual AGameAWeek pace of things.
Rest assured, I’m still coding, and there will be a nice end-result, hopefully!!

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely picture.



Unnamed Collection – The Beginnings..

Each year, time dependent, I like to do something special over Xmas, and this year I’ve opted to start early.
If I want a whole Xmas Collection ready on the OUYA (And possibly iOS Store) in time, I need to get onto it quickly enough to have it finished, uploaded, and passed through review, in time for Xmas.
And, if it’s an Advent Calendar, then it needs to be ready even earlier, for Dec 1st.

I started the planning stages of this thing a couple of months ago, when I asked folk on both Socoder and the OUYAForum to doodle me some sprites. I got a handful of submissions, but it seems like most of the art in the game will be my usual self-created odd-style standard ;)
Last week I started work on the engine. I took my classic framework, wrote a couple of tools to merge together the submitted spritesheets, added a multi-game system, and got most of the menu working nicely.
The engine can cope with a whole host of minigames, and that’ll be what I’m creating.
I’ll be making 26 minigames, each with their own generic high score/last score boards, and then it’ll unlock one game for the first 26 days of December. .. Assuming I can make 26 games in that time!!


After the 26th December, all the games will remain unlocked (assuming of course Monkey’s Date function works the way it’s supposed to!!!) so I’ll be trying to create the games without too much of a “Xmas-Specific” style. In fact, coming up with a name for this collection is proving to be slightly tricky. On the one hand I’d love to call it “Platdude’s Advent Collection”, or similar, but then it wouldn’t make sense after Xmas. I’ll probably go for “AGameAWeek’s Retro Collection” or something.. *shrugs*

The next couple of weeks will be mostly AGameAWeek free, since I’ll be focussing on this.
I’ll probably still release something, but I’m not entirely sure what. We’ll have to wait and see what turns up.
Meanwhile, I might be posting random screenshots, or vine clips, so look out for those along the way.

Wish me luck.

And Merry Christmas :D


Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

On previous releases of “Arcade Slots” games, people have consistently whinged that the games are “TOOOOOO RANDOM!!!”. They then inexplicably ignore the actual game, and get stuck in a “OMG! ITS RANDOM!” loop, whereby they can’t seem to enjoy the games at all.
Of COURSE the games are Random! They’re supposed to be random! It’s a flamin’ Slot Machine.. That’s the whole bloomin’ point of slot machines!

.. But people can’t seem to let go, so this time around I opted to pre-empt their whinging by adding a small disclaimer to “A Bit of a Spin”.



Yup.. That’ll do nicely!


Y6:W40 – Platdude in A Bit of a Spin

A new spin on an old favourite. Can you guide Platdude through a series of completely random mazes!

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OK, Now What?>

You may have noticed a slight lack of gaming over the past couple of months. Usually I cut down on AGameAWeek during the closing months of a year, and instead focus on a larger project, but over the course of this year I’ve already tackled a number of larger projects.
Blockman Worlds, JNK Bombers, Future Classics.. They’ve all been substantially larger than my standard weekly output.
As such, I’m actually struggling to come up with a decent “end of year project” that would be worth tackling.
Instead, I’ve decided to make a start on this year’s xmas game. I’m going to attempt to create a little plaything within a few hours, whenever I have a few hours to spare. I’ll wrap it up into a little advent calendar package, and post it on Dec 1st. Plenty of time to get that done, and hopefully I won’t bugger it up, or ignore it, along the way!

So that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing, and I’d be quite content with that, except that I’ve gone and done something fairly silly…
I’ve now got THREE accounts over at OneGameAMonth, and each one needs a game posted each month, which means.. Basically.. I HAVE to make at least three games each month.
I’m going to have to make a quick little Platdude game, and cobble something else together, to keep those slots filled.

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AGameAWeek’s iOS Bundle!!!


Introducing “AGameAWeek’s Monkey-X Bundle”
7 cracking AGameAWeek iOS games, for the price of only 3, because, what’s the point of a bundle if it’s not much cheaper than buying the games separately!?
You want a bargain?! You’ve got it!!!

If this is popular, I’ll probably start releasing more bundles in future. It seems like a much fairer way of pricing my AGameAWeek games, on iOS.

If you’ve an iOS8 compatible device, give it a whirl, and let me know how it goes.

Woot! Bundles!!


Please Wait…


A year’s worth of Star Trek Starships models have completely overwhelmed my current shelving, and I barely ever use my desk since having switched to a laptop.
As such, it’s time to rearrange things in my bedroom.

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Mojang/Minecraft bought by Microsoft

For 2.5 BILLION?!
Where’s my billions?
I’ve made over 300 games!!!


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