Trek Porn

As much as I count myself as “a bit of a Trekkie”, I’ve never considered myself a full-on Trekkie. Sure, I enjoy watching it, and I do manage to follow 95% of the twisting turning sprawling plotlines, and enjoy the mythology of the show.
I even recently subscribed to the Star Trek Starships model collection, which, every single fortnight, brings a lovely little starship to my door. (Well, ok, technically they get delivered in pairs, monthly!!
I’m really enjoying these little ships, and my shelf is already overflowing with Trek!!

… But I’m not a “proper” Trekkie. If a ship has a window missing, I wouldn’t ever notice.
The ships simply sit on my shelf and look good.

This morning, I awoke to a question on Twitter..

@Jayenkai Is the Stargazer saucer section as tall as its supossed to be? Looks too short but can’t tell 100% by the pic…

I honestly haven’t a clue!!
What follows is, quite frankly, Trek Porn, as I take a series of MacroLens based pics of a Trek Ship, and hopefully @DSConnaughton can figure out if the saucer is as tall as it’s supposed to be…!

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No Game :( Happy Easter!

This week, there will be no AGameAWeek..
After the complete and utter chaos of Future Classics (7 games written in 48 hours) and Blockman Worlds (3,000 levels, 9 worlds, crammed into a week!) I’ve decided that I need a bit of a break!

Next week, we’ll be back to our normal schedule, and I guess I have to make a “Platdude In” game, this month, so it’ll be something Platdude related.
Stay tuned to see what it’ll be!

Happy Easter, everyone!



Aftermath : Blockman Worlds

Yesterday I tweeted that Blockman Worlds isn’t doing too well, at which point I got bombarded by people telling me that they’ve played it, and how I oughta give it time to spread.

Yeah, probably..
Thing is, though, I’m finding myself comparing it to Future Classics..
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This may or may not result in a game.. Unsure, right now!!


Y6:W15 – Blockman Worlds

An unexpected arrival, as my major 2-week-long project somehow manages to cram itself into the space of just a week.
Not entirely sure how that happened, if I’m honest..

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This Week…


I’d originally planned this to be a super epic two-week project, but inexplicably, the entire thing came together much quicker than I expected it to.

Blockman Worlds should be with you on Tuesday. Woot!!


Coming Soon…

I started a new game, yesterday.
It looks a little like this.

Today, as I continue to build the game up, I’ve found it growing in size exponentially. It’s not gotten to the stage where I’m creating an entirely new menu system, working out how to save all the various types of scores, drawing a bunch of new sprites, and also having to get the game to play well.
But, damn, is it good!!!

Loads of work to do, and I’m having to work my butt off to get it all done.

However, some bad news..
It’s absolutely definitely going to end up as a two-week project, because it’s just so damned big!!

More news as it happens. Keep your eye on my Twitter feed!

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