Y6:W28 – Platdude in A Go Kart

After an unscheduled break, we’re back with a brand new “Platdude In” title, this time driving around a racetrack in a go kart!
It’s almost as if I’ve spent the past few weeks doing nothing but playing Mario Kart 8!!!

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Four Completely Free iOS Games!!

For a limited time only, a select few AGameAWeek games are 100% off, on iOS!


Until July 23rd (2014!) four of my more recent iOS games are free, because.. Um.. *shrugs*

Blockman Worlds is a puzzle arcade game. Try to rescue the Blocklets without blocking yourself into a corner.
Disc Blaster is a lovely glowy shoot-em-up, set inside a petri-dish type arena, battling the evil microbes.
Spiky Tower sees you trying to reach the top of the tower, whilst avoiding the ever dangerous Spikes.
and BlastTrax is a straight forward, on the rails shooter, on a super colourful rainbow road!!


My sales figures of late have been staggeringly low, so in a futile attempt to advertise, I’m doing the only thing I can afford to do, and making a nice little pack of my games available for free for a limited time.
Will it help perk my sales figures? Or will it be like the other times, where Bucketloads of people will get the games for free, as will the pirates, who will then slap my games onto pirate sites, so that nobody will ever bother paying for them ever again..
.. Probably the latter, if I’m honest.
Aw well, never mind.. At least folk are playing..
… Maybe..!

Enjoy my games!!


PaperArcade in the Archive!

After a week or so of tweaking, testing and preparing, I’ve finally settled on a nice PaperArcade template, and have started uploading the lovely little papercraft models into my Archive.
These will be done weekly, along with the games, and older ones will be sporadically generated as I find time, and/or are bored!
If there are any particular games you’d love to see a PaperArcade for, let me know in the comments.


You can find all the PaperArcade enhanced titles here. Click into the title, and there’s a PaperArcade link within the bonus assets section.
(The filter is currently on the sidebar, under “fun tags”, until I find somewhere nicer to put it!!)

Remember that, when doing papercrafts, the thicker your paper, the easier it is to build!! (I’ve found that photo paper seems to work reasonably well.)

If you print and build any of these, be sure to send piccies!!




“Replied” is a series of replies I occasionally send to people who mistakenly assume that AGameAWeek is some sort of awesome epic game review site, which may or may not gain them some exposure.


PaperArcade – Take Two

OK, I think I’ve worked out most of the kinks in my papercraft arcade machine. Previously…

There are still a few niggly bits, most notably that top bit, where you can’t quite wrestle it into place without getting gobs of glue everywhere.. And there are oodles of little white gaps everywhere, which I really oughta sort out, but if I’m honest, that’s probably more down to my crappy hand-eye co-ordination at the minute. (Shaky hands makes for terrible cutting and glueing!)

photo (1)

Also, thicker paper helps. I’ve used HP Photo Paper this time, instead of generic flappy crappy stuff. The extra solidity helped all the bending, although that inner-curve where the screen sits at the back, has left a strange “tear” effect. *shrugs*
Still, it’s a darn sight better than the last failed attempt. I’m definitely getting better at this.

Make Your Own

Click for LARGE!

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Mystery Papercraft #001

I wonder what on earth the mystery object could be!?!?
Print out, and piece together to find out!

Click for Bigger

(*NOTE : This post is not meant to be taken seriously!)


Got Paper?

A quick test..
I recently bought a nice new printer, and figured it might be nice to design a little Arcade cabinet thing.

Bloody fiddly bastard! I didn’t quite have the patience, so gave up trying!!
If I’m honest, it’ll probably fit together nicer if I didn’t use such flimsy paper, and goopy glue, but.. What the hey! It almost worked, and future attempts should be marginally less crappy!

Build Your Own

Click for ludicrous-size

How I Created It

I used Sketch Up to design a simple white cabinet model, then Pepakira to “unfold” the model into a nice white paper-cut-out template.
Next I recoloured all the faces, saved it as a png, and rewrote a fairly significant chunk of my Icon Resizer to take the logo, icon, and some screenshots, and then piece them all together around the cabinet, using the different coloured faces as guides.
The image is then saved as a 3200×3200 pixel .png which you can simply print off, and then faff about with for FAR too long, trying to piece the thing together.

Hopefully my next attempt comes out a little better!! I’ll let you know.
If you attempt to build the model, let me know! Send pics :D


New Adventures?

As I sit here trying to code this week’s AGameAWeek, I’m struggling.
Not because I don’t know what the game’s supposed to be. I actually have most of the game planned out in my head, and I think it might be fun, but something else is butting in.

For some strange reason, I can’t stop thinking about NeonPlat Adventures.
I’d like to make “Greenie’s Communication Tower”, but each time I open the code, I instead find myself thinking about the complexities of Platform World Generation, and how much fun I found those early days of building NeonPlat Adventures!

I can’t seem to get it out of my head, and .. as of this moment, I’ve closed the “382-GCT” folder, and instead created a “383-Adventures” one.
Current thinking is that the game will probably be a standard world, rather than NeonPlat one, in that I’ll need to draw tiles and things instead of relying on neon glowing stripes to cheat my way through things.
I’ll need to draw plenty of world themes, and create a whole swarm of new enemy creatures.
It’ll require some kind of world/map system, with a nice “infinite levels” structure, which somehow looks vaguely formatted like the old Calendar version was.

And then there’s the level layout thing. That’ll need redoing from scratch, because I’ve a couple of tweaks to consider along the way.

It seems my head’s in the right place to start this, and no matter how much I want to carry on with the regular AGameAWeek schedule, I’m going to have to divert from the normal style, to go ahead and do this slightly different task.

I’ve no idea what this’ll end up looking like, and if I’m honest, it might not even be Platdude once all is done.
In all honesty, I’ve no idea where this one’s going to end up.
Prepare for Brand New Adventures..

More news as it happens.

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