This may or may not result in a game.. Unsure, right now!!


Y6:W15 – Blockman Worlds

An unexpected arrival, as my major 2-week-long project somehow manages to cram itself into the space of just a week.
Not entirely sure how that happened, if I’m honest..

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This Week…


I’d originally planned this to be a super epic two-week project, but inexplicably, the entire thing came together much quicker than I expected it to.

Blockman Worlds should be with you on Tuesday. Woot!!


Coming Soon…

I started a new game, yesterday.
It looks a little like this.

Today, as I continue to build the game up, I’ve found it growing in size exponentially. It’s not gotten to the stage where I’m creating an entirely new menu system, working out how to save all the various types of scores, drawing a bunch of new sprites, and also having to get the game to play well.
But, damn, is it good!!!

Loads of work to do, and I’m having to work my butt off to get it all done.

However, some bad news..
It’s absolutely definitely going to end up as a two-week project, because it’s just so damned big!!

More news as it happens. Keep your eye on my Twitter feed!


AGameAWeek Continues!!!

I wrote this in the comments of Geekanoids’ latest VLOG (link), and thought it worth posting to the site.

Every week I create a new game.
I write the code.
I do the art.
I make the audio, music and sounds.
I create the game, play the game, test the game and balance the game.

I compile the game to multiple systems, upload to GameJolt, upload to OUYA for review.
Take screenshots, make interesting thumbnails, headers and other feature graphics.
Then once it’s all online. I start posting about my game to Facebook, Twitter, various forums and other places.

It’s a lot of work.

But I love doing it, and I wouldn’t stop, because each week I get that little bit of feedback. The odd couple of players who enjoyed playing that week’s game, and who spur me on to make the next one.


Y6:W14 – Future Classics 1986 Edition

What would happen if someone in the past was given a list of modern day videogame titles?
What kind of games would they imagine from far off in their future?
And what sort of games would they create, on their retro-tastic 8-bit home computers!?

It’s time, once again, to step inside the Future Classics Time Vortex, and find out!!

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Jayenkai’s Bargain Bucket!

Do you have an iOS device?

Are you sick to death of seeing nothing but clones of Flappy Birds and Threes*!?

Want a little more variety on your iPhing?!

Jayenkai Bargain Bucket_1600

AGameAWeek is here to help, with a fantastic selection of super-cheap games.
You can own the whole lot for less than the price of a BlueRay movie, unless the BlueRay movie happens to be really cheap!

Not only that, but each of the games is Feature Complete meaning there’s no annoying In App Purchase gubbins, and you can be happy in the knowledge that none of the games have any adverts, or other horrible nasty modern day stuff, to get in the way of your gameplay experience.

The Spikes

The original, and some would still say the best, of the Spike Dodging classic.

A new, fast paced, Retina Enhanced, silkier, smoother remake, with oodles of new gameplay modes, and Hats!

Spiky Tower
Make your way up the tower, whilst avoiding even more Spikes!

The Shooters

A colourful, fast paced, retro blaster.

Disc Blaster
Even more colourful blasting, all wrapped up in a circular arena.

Space Popcorn
Much less colour, but insanely more frantic, as the regular Asteroids gameplay gets a shot of AGameAWeek insanity!

The Platformers

Hoppy Bobby
Leap from platform to platform, trying to reach your home.

Sheep Goes Left
Don’t go right through 300 levels of incredibly difficult spike dodging!

NeonPlat Extreme
A colourful and bright platformer, with oodles of bad guys, and plenty of balls.

* Whilst you’re in a spending mood, be sure to pick up the original Threes! game. It’s a great game, highly addictive, and extremely well made.

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