AGameAWeek’s Patreon Page

The Jayenkai/AGameAWeek Patreon page has been set up for those who would like to help fund the world of AGameAWeek.

Over Xmas 2015, someone was asking why I don’t setup a Patreon.
I always envisioned that Patreon required something extra. A nice bonus for “subscribing”.
I’ve since learned that you don’t “need” to give something extra, but it still feels somewhat cheap getting people to pay for something that I already provide for free.

However, as more people have asked, I inevitably decided to start a Patreon page, for people who would like to say thanks for the 350+ games that I’ve created over the years.

At the same time, however, there really isn’t anything more I can think to give to Patreons.
I already provide AGameAWeek, as well as the Daily Platdude Pixelart doodles, and my weekly ALChoons.
I honestly can’t think of anything else that I can provide, without disrupting the “Free” world of AGameAWeek.

Still.. If you’ve enjoyed one or more of my games, it’s a nice way to give back.
But don’t ever think it’s a necessity. AGameAWeek can survive. It’s just a nice way to say Thank you.

If you’d rather not make a regular donation, but would like to otherwise say thank you, you can do so via a PayPal donation or, in fact, just say thanks.
An email, a tweet, anything really.
Tell me what games you’ve enjoyed over the years, and let me know that it’s not all been a worthless endeavour!

And thanks for joining in!

Patreon Page