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A year’s worth of Star Trek Starships models have completely overwhelmed my current shelving, and I barely ever use my desk since having switched to a laptop.
As such, it’s time to rearrange things in my bedroom.

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Mojang/Minecraft bought by Microsoft

For 2.5 BILLION?!
Where’s my billions?
I’ve made over 300 games!!!




What’s infinitely worse than receiving crappy Kickstarter garbage through your email?
Getting it through your Facebook account!!!



If only…


Original pic via @miangraham
Smash Bros (c) Nintendo


AGameAWeek doesn’t do Watch Games…



Uninteresting Wallpaper of the Moment

Got bored.. Doodled a Desktop…!

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Y2:W35 – Munky Blocks (dx)

It’s time to revisit the world of Munky and his many colourful blocks.
Take control, and match three!

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To Tetris or Not To Tetris

A couple of months ago, I mentioned this game in passing..
And immediately started looking into remaking it.

It was just after I’d released ChuckABall, was midway through BounceABall, and considered this as a possible extra “ABall” game to fit alongside them.
.. Then I got sidetracked by the NeonBike game, and I didn’t bother going back.

.. Then last week, Tetris Battle came out on OUYA, and I was going “aw, dangit.. Missed my chance!!” and gave up on the game, due to basic “The Tetris Company would sue my butt off” reasons.

But over the course of the past week, many things have interfered in that decision..
People have whinged and griped about the fact that Tetris Battle doesn’t even have an honest to goodness Endless mode.
People have complained to me that it doesn’t quite feel like proper Tetris.
And god knows how much I hate that “you can see the next 70,000 blocks!”, and “Here’s where it’ll land!!!” crap..

I’m currently wondering what to make for next week’s game, and my head’s chanting “Tetripong!!” over and over again..

I’m not sure what to do.



This Week…

This week, I decided that I really oughta get a decent puzzle game onto the OUYA.
My first thought was to do a Tetris game, and recreate TetriPong, but as is usually the case, halfway through the planning stages, an ACTUAL Tetris game was launched, by The Tetris Company, onto the OUYA.
I’ll probably save that for another time, then.
But what of my need for Puzzles? What other old AGameAWeek game can I trudge out as a new Puzzle game?

Oooh, I know!!

The game’s “mostly” stable, and needs only scoring and a decent level structure. I’m not sure how I’m going to lay out the levels, but it’s currently in sets of 5 levels..
No idea if I’m sticking with that.. Guess we’ll find out later in the week..
Meanwhile, I’m desperately trying to cobble together as many levels as I can, within the short amount of time remaining.
Wish me luck!!!

Additional Note : I probably won’t be releasing a HTML5 edition of this game, unless I can SERIOUSLY reduce the amount of stuff that’s running ingame. To fully check for “groups”, the game’s looping through the grid 3 times. That’s a fairly large grid * 3, 60 frames a second. .. HTML5 and Javascript are capable of a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them! My Laptop gets nice and toasty, even during short tests.
I’ll see if I can do something about that, but I’ll probably just stick to exe/apk releases, to be on the safe side.


Munky in Monkey!

Today I’ve started recreating Munky Blocks.
At the minute, I’m trying to get the basic controls up and running with a touchscreen, which.. as you can possibly imagine.. are a teensy bit tricky.
Once I’ve got the game basics up and running, I’ll start messing about and seeing what “NEW!” features I can add into the mix.
.. I also need to build a boatload of levels, too, so .. this will probably be a difficult week, ahead!!

Stay Tuned!!

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