Y2:W12 – Blockman Gets More!

Blimey, Blockman got big!

That’s not like me!

But with over 350 great big (for me!) 64×64 pixel sprites, the game was bound to get a little bit bigger than usual.
Oh, and a bitmap font, too!
I’ve really gone all out, this week!

To be fair, it’s taken about 2 weeks to get this all done, but I did have Swine flu halfway, and even created a completely different game, too!
So, you know, it all evens out!

How to play
Roam around, eat the dots, don’t miss a dot, same as before.
Dodge the ghosts, avoid the spikes, watch out for ice,

Controls : Cursors + C (for Camera Button, which you’ll probably never use!)
WASD and L for Camera Button
or even…
Joystick/pad if you’ve got one plugged into port 1, and you’ve enabled it in the options screen.


Anything else to add?
Nope, I think that’s everything.
Anything else, you’ll have to sort out yourself.

You can Download Blockman Gets More here and go comment/vote in the Archive

AGAW Scoring : 12 weeks (already), 12 games, 1 repeat.. In fact, this is the third Blockman Gets game I’ve done this year. Whoops! Going to have to come up with something else, next week, aren’t I!

Bonus Rant!
I started Blockman Gets as a way of saying “F-You” to the people at the 2Bees compo. I really dislike people moving deadlines in competitions. It tends to completely screw up everyone’s entries, and it’s not a nice thing to do. Some people worked very hard to finish their games in time, only for the organisers to move the deadline and let other people take their time with their games, and screw over the folk who rushed in the first place.
Bah, humbug..

To somewhat prove that point, I started Blockman Gets AFTER they moved their deadline, and then finished and ENTERED it into the compo before the new deadline was reached. Ha! shows them!!
As a further case of irony, I’ve now successfully created the entire sequel before they’ve even bothered to name the original entries to the compo.
Sometimes compo’s take FAR too long!

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  • Thunderskull 4024

    Blockman Gets More – ice zone with 5-6 ghosts would be an avesome upgrade of a classic PacMan arcade machine. This new rule “don’t miss a dot” can harden the arcade edition enough to give PacMan more popularity. You could sell the idea of “Don’t Mis A Dot” to Namco. You could earn enough $ on that idea, as well as the cell-phone edition of Centipong. (a 3D variation of Centipong for PC could also be sold to a company like Alawar, PopCap or ReflexiveArcade. I’m not employed by any of those companies, I just think you can make a good start here with your ideas of Centipong and Blockman, as they’re the most significant titles you created.

  • I can’t imagine a 3D Centipong would work too well.
    There’s really no viable need to do that.

  • Thunderskull 4024

    No need? Most shareware companies try to make their Arkanoids 3D.

  • Yeah, but they’re shit!

    Unless you’ve got a game which has a style that would suit it, then it’s utterly worthless..
    You’re not adding anything, and you’re just buggering things up for people with low-end systems.

    You’re not going to be swooshing the camera around, in a game that 100% NEEDS the player to see the whole playfield, so why would you even attempt to do it in 3D?

  • The Seven Sapphires is a 3D arkanoid with dynamic elements. It’s not a shooting piece of shit, unlike e. q. AlphaBall or RoboBall. Of system reqs… The Seven Sapphires worked quite good on my old PC (633mHz, 256MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 4…). So, not much with system requirements.