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Tool Incoming
  18th December, 2018
Today I need to fight with the 3DS Converter tool and try to make things as smooth as I possibly can.


The fact that you still need to use Usagi to "finish" the theme is probably a good thing. The last thing you want is an influx of crappy designs flooding ThemePlaza.

.. And yet.. I guess that's exactly what's going to happen, the second I release this.
Ho hum.

I'll probably also take time to explain exactly how to use it, as well as a brief description of getting access to, and making use of, the other various tools that are required.

With any luck, it should additionally help out ThemePlaza a little, as they've currently no "How To" area on their site, and .. dear god, the number of repetitive "How do I make one" questions that I've already seen on their Discord channel is absolutely ludicrous.

IMO, Discord is NO place for giving advice like that, because a day later, the next user can't find that information and will once again ask the exact same question.
Discord has little to no easy access to earlier information, and that kind of thing definitely needs to have a linkable page online somewhere.

Hopefully I can help out. Or at least chip away at their admin until they realise it's an issue that needs solving

So, today's tasks. Finish the tool, compile and upload, then write up a how-to, and hopefully get people to follow it without breaking everything!

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