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Now accepting Spike Dislike Sprites!
Yesterday, Rob from RetroRemakes asked if he could do a spritesheet for Spike Dislike.
After a lot of back and forth, I decided to write a how-to, so any future requests could go a little bit smoother!
Here's some info on how to make 'em, alongside a bunch of all-important rules.

Rule #1

You won't be making money from this!
To be fair, I won't either. I'm making money from the game I made, not your sprites!
Your sprites will be added to a game that people have already/will be paying for, and they probably won't be going "OMG!!OMG!!! That's got a sprite by XYZ!!!"
If people are doing that, then I should probably reconsider my entire game-making endeavor!

You're doing this because it's fun to do this, and because you'll have your name on the titlescreen!!

Rule #2

You will get credit.
When someone selects your spriteset, a line of text appears at the bottom of the titlescreen, giving you credit for your sprites.
You might wish to suggest what this line of text might be.
"Made by XYZ, Play my game ABC in the AppStore"
"Created by XYZ, www.URL.com"
but probably not
"I hate this game, this game sucks, vegetable lasagna"

Rule #3

The sprites are ONLY going to be used in..
A) "SpikeDislike by James Gamble" for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad (59p)
B) Super Spike Dislike (Free) for Windows/Linux/Mac
and possibly C) Spike Dislike on PlayMyCode.com, but not sure if that needs it.

I add this rule because it needs to be made.
If, at some bizarre point in crazytown, this game really takes off, and it gets bought off me (yeah, right!!! like they would! capcom would just nick it!!) I'm not then going to start giving away everyone's sprites.
Forget that. That's not fare in the slightest..

Instead, if these ever get used elsewhere, permission will need to be given for each reuse.
I'm not getting into horrible nasty license crap.

Rule #4

They ABSOLUTELY MUST have been created by you. No sprite theft.

How To

1. Grab this.

2. Use your 1337 skills to draw something better than my rubbish ascii art.

3. Save it.

4. Try scaling it to half-size, too, to ensure it still looks ok on a none-retina device.

5. Send to Jayenkai, and include what you want your line of text to be!

6. Additionally, give your spritesheet a little name. Keep it short though, since there's not a lot of space on those menu icons!! (Duh, Should've made bigger icons!!)
The word Basketball just about fits, if I use a slightly smaller font!


You can kinda quickly test it, if you want.
Grab Super Spike Dislike,, open the Files/269/ folder, and you'll find a bg.png, a spikes.png, a ball.png and a floor.png (or, something like those names, anyway!)
Pop your sprites for each on the top line of each, and when the game runs, that'll be the first world-set that appears.
It's not "quite" the same, though, since I've not done the top/bottoms on the background/floors, but you should be able to get a rough idea of how it'll look.

How Quick?

I'm probably submitting v1.2 on Friday, so anything that gets to me before then will be added into the next release.
Anything after that will have to wait until the version after.

Ingame "Load My Spritesheet" stuff?

Um... Not yet, but definitely something to think about.

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