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A Month Later
A month later and the situation is generally about the same. ? You'd think that, a month later, the sickness might've worn off, but it hasn't. ? Each and every morning I'm waking up and being sick. ? Well, I say each and every morning, but I've actually managed to have three good days over the past couple of weeks, where I've not been sick at all. ? This is a good sign. ? It's a sign that, somewhere, things are going in the right direction.

Still, I'm not back on my feet just yet. ? Along with the sickness is a general lethargic feeling. ? Perhaps it's the fact that I've been doing sod all for the past seven months, but to be honest I'm typically sat in a chair, coding, all day anyway. ? Surely sitting reading crap on my phone all day should be around about the same amount of laziness, right? ? Maybe not, as I'm struggling to get the energy to do practically anything, lately.

As a rough example of my current state of laziness, I've yet to actually properly use my PC since I got back home. ? I turned it on the other day, hoping to sit and code for a little while, but instead found myself having to install a stupidly large number of updates, ranging from a crapload of Windows updates, through to AVG and my graphics card, and then theres always an Adobe Flash update to do. ? After an hour of that shit, I gave up and turned the PC off again. ? Stupid PCs!

Instead, I've been sitting on the couch each day with my newly acquired iPad. ? Being a struggling indie developer, I had to get the iPad on credit. ? I "bought" it from Very.co.uk, who will continue to take payments from me for the next year or so, whilst increasing the cost by constantly adding interest to the account. ? Such is the way of the penniless. ? But I definitely needed to get an iPad, so I'm happy that Very finally bothered to add them to their catalogue. ? Ta, Very! ? (eventually!!)

So here I am with my iPad, visiting Facebook, Twitter and Socoder in an insanely frequent schedule, and playing Pinball Dreams whenever I get too bored. ? Which is currently fairly often. ? I'm nearly at a position to get back to coding. ? If I can sit down at the PC without it nagging at me, then I might yet give it a go. ? First up will be a couple of browser based games at PlayMyCode.com, because they save me having to piss about with uploads and things.

AGameAWeek will return soon enough. ? Hopefully it won't be another whole month!!

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