A Month Later

A month later and the situation is generally about the same.  You’d think that, a month later, the sickness might’ve worn off, but it hasn’t.  Each and every morning I’m waking up and being sick.  Well, I say each and every morning, but I’ve actually managed to have three good days over the past couple of weeks, where I’ve not been sick at all.  This is a good sign.  It’s a sign that, somewhere, things are going in the right direction.

Still, I’m not back on my feet just yet.  Along with the sickness is a general lethargic feeling.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been doing sod all for the past seven months, but to be honest I’m typically sat in a chair, coding, all day anyway.  Surely sitting reading crap on my phone all day should be around about the same amount of laziness, right?  Maybe not, as I’m struggling to get the energy to do practically anything, lately.

As a rough example of my current state of laziness, I’ve yet to actually properly use my PC since I got back home.   I turned it on the other day, hoping to sit and code for a little while, but instead found myself having to install a stupidly large number of updates, ranging from a crapload of Windows updates, through to AVG and my graphics card, and then theres always an Adobe Flash update to do.  After an hour of that shit, I gave up and turned the PC off again.  Stupid PCs!

Instead, I’ve been sitting on the couch each day with my newly acquired iPad.  Being a struggling indie developer, I had to get the iPad on credit.  I “bought” it from Very.co.uk, who will continue to take payments from me for the next year or so, whilst increasing the cost by constantly adding interest to the account.  Such is the way of the penniless.  But I definitely needed to get an iPad, so I’m happy that Very finally bothered to add them to their catalogue.  Ta, Very!  (eventually!!)

So here I am with my iPad, visiting Facebook, Twitter and Socoder in an insanely frequent schedule, and playing Pinball Dreams whenever I get too bored.  Which is currently fairly often.   I’m nearly at a position to get back to coding.  If I can sit down at the PC without it nagging at me, then I might yet give it a go.  First up will be a couple of browser based games at PlayMyCode.com, because they save me having to piss about with uploads and things.

AGameAWeek will return soon enough.  Hopefully it won’t be another whole month!!

  • Dude, if you’re really ill I doubt anyone’s getting angry over the lack of games, it sounds like you’ve had it really rough lately.

    At least it’s seemingly but frustratingly gradually getting better, even if you are still all-too regularly being sick. That does sound incredibly draining, bleh.

    Hopefully you’ll be totally better before too long man! 😀