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Back to Normal
Nice to see that you're feeling better and back to normal!

Cheers, mate.


Cheers indeed. Although, I wouldn't quite count me as back to normal, just yet.-=-=-

The road ahead seems a lot longer than I'd anticipated. First on the list of things that aren't normal is my ability to get up off my arse. I haven't really done much of anything over the past seven months, and now something as simple as a walk into the garden is leaving me exhausted. Each day I'm gathering a little more strength, and walking a little bit farther, but its not great, and its leaving me feeling weak and a bit useless.

Then there's my tastebuds, which haves seemingly flipped upside down and inside out. No longer can I enjoy my favourite Cheese and Onion crisps, or Spring Vegetable soup. Both are far too oniony for my new tastebuds, and I can't seem to stomach either of them. It's the same with certain sausages, or even a nice plate of Champ. I seem to be totally off onions, and its completely screwed up my diet.

And then there's the coding, or anything computer related. Since I've gotten back from hospital, I've barely touched either the PC or the Mac. My Mac has been turned on to watch the last few episodes of House, which I missed while in hospital, and the PC was turned on for about an hour whilst I was forced to update a hundred or so pieces of software. Mostly Adobe, obviously!

So I'm not quite back to normal. I've yet to sit and code anything. I've got a bunch of fixes to do at Socoder, and about ten annoyingly good game ideas that could really do with being coded. But nothing's getting done, and its frustrating as hell!

But I am getting better. Or at the very least, I'm getting used to the new ways in which my body now works. Hopefully, over time, I can get up off my arse, and sit back down at the PC for extended periods of time. ... And eat onions..

We'll have to wait and see..

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