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Here Comes The 6
It seems that, since coming out of hospital, there's been a multitude of great things that I seem to be looking forward to. ? New Doctor Who, new Red Dwarf, new iPhone, new Wii and then all the great shows that I'd missed whilst I was stuck in hospital, too! ? It's like a great big bucket of hype, and it keeps on coming.

As a developer, I'm going to have to buy a new iDevice, to ensure all my games work in the all-new quirky widescreen resolution. ? I'll be going for an iPod Touch, mostly because I've looked at the contract prices for an iPhone5, and .. ? Well, sod that! ? So the iPod Touch has been ordered, and should be with me shortly.

Meanwhile, on September 19th, we're all getting a nice big upgrade to iOS6. ? Quite frankly, if the new iPhings didn't have bigger scenes, there'd be smeg all difference between new and old. ? Sneaky Apple buggering all us developers like that. ? But still, iOS6 is coming, and has a bucketload of newness, keeping us all happy, and ensuring we all carry on using Apple products for the next year or so.

Is Android better? ? I'm sure plenty of folk would happily argue that it is. ? For me, from what I've seen, Android is that shitty OS on that shitty phone that inexplicably keeps resetting itself every night, and kept waking me up at about 4am every morning whilst I was in hospital. ? Stupid damn HTC Wildfire. ? I'm sure if I had a less shitty phone, I wouldn't be so adverse to the thing. ? Perhaps I oughta get a Nexus7? ? Everyone else seems to! ? Can't afford that right now, though.. ? I just splashed out on another iPod!

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