Extreme Racing (Whoops!)

Um, yeah, here’s Tuesday’s game!
I started this, a couple of hours ago, expecting to finish it off by Tuesday.
.. I’ve finished it, already!
sod it, here you go, have an early game!

  • Took me a few goes before I realised that ‘tap up and down’ actually meant ‘mash up and down repeatedly as fast as you can until your keyboard has a hole in it’

  • Darx

    It apparently does nothing on firefox… just sit there tap up little green block starting to show… if you were able to complete this quickly you may want to start adding polish for your Tuesday releases 😉

  • Are you sure you were mashing fast enough!? 😉

    Head into the code, look for the bit that subtracts from $spd, and reduce its power. Lemmie know how you get on!