Games You’d Love to See Again?

So, here we go again.
We’re up to Year 5, and hopefully we’ll get a full year out of it, this year (nnngh).
With Monkey, we get a chance to go back over our previous games, and remake them for a new audience, with iOS, Android and Browser based versions. I expect this will prove to be an exciting year.

Given that we can play at showing off, what games do you think would work best, and adapt well to the new touchy/mouse based gameplay options?
Or, what games could prove to be an obscure tricky challenge for me to experiment with?
Which of my previous games would you really love to be able to play on your iPhing!?

Comment below to let me know.

Meanwhile, here’s my Top 10 most likely games for the next 12 months..

1. Arcade Slots
I actually restarted this project last year, but .. didn’t get very far!
Should be much easier to do, now, though!

2. Blockman Gets
I can’t believe how many times I’ve restarted this bloody game for iOS!
Maybe 89th time’s the charm, eh?

3. Alien Deathmatch 3
This is going to be a tricky one, given the need for thumbs-over-the-screen gameplay, but if other games can manage it, I’m sure I can give it a whirl.

4. Centipong
Mmmmm.. Centipong! Not sure why I haven’t already attempted this.. well, other than my absolute hatred of Centipong 2!
It’s time to rebounce those pods, methinks.

5. Platdude’s iCade Collection
Yes, it’s true.. I added iCade functionality into the Framework just for this one! This one WILL happen. I’m just not sure when! Also, both Blockman and Centipong may very well wind up inside this, instead. Not sure, yet!

6. SpikeDislike2
I have most of this planned out, but it’s going to need one heck of a menu alteration to get things going!

7. Microb3s
You’ve already seen a quicky game that looks a bit like it, and it plays reasonably well on the iPad, so it’ll probably be given a complete makeover and made all nice and shiny.

8. RetroRaider
Although it’ll probably need a few changes, it’ll be nice to get a proper platformer up and running on iOS. (he says, ignoring the fact that NeonPlat is already available on iOS!)

9. Key, Bo and Ard
If Spinal’s recent iOS release is anything to go by, people will lap up a decent puzzle game. So what the hey, I’ve got a kick-ass puzzle game under my belt. Might as well go ahead and use it!

10. Horizontal Shooter
Quite what this’ll look/play like on iOS is anyone’s guess, but it’ll be nice to throw a bunch of lines around the screen, and see what nice effects I can achieve! Always fun to play about with those!!

Games that are UNLIKELY to happen any time soon

1. 🙁 JNKPlat?!
I’m struggling with files. Monkey’s good, but having to deal with all these targets, and with a really really tiny save area, you’re not going to be seeing mountains of level data coming with my games any time soon.
Since JNKPlat is mostly about building your own levels, that’s a bit of a missing feature.
As it stands, until I can come up with a better solution, this isn’t going to be turning up any time soon.

2. TetriPong
I LOVE this game, not least because it’s actually a decent playable Tetris clone! (Even if I do say so myself!)
But it has both Tetris, and Pong together, and will probably get my arse sued quicker than even Blockman would!

3. Cowbell Hero
Or, indeed, anything else that requires music being sync’d with gameplay. There are too many issues to contend with! Not worth it! It’d drive me bonkers trying to deal with all that!

4. Invisible Munky
As well as the inevitable level-file issues, we also have to deal with possible sprite collision problems. It’s one of the main reasons you’ve not already seen a proper sequel to this one, and it seems with every new language, the rules are getting ever more complex!

5. Stringy Things
Although I’ve not even bothered to look into the whole “Word List” stuff, yet, to be honest. It might be easier than I’m imagining it, but.. I can’t honestly see that working on the html5 target!!

  • Retro Raider, absolutely! 🙂

  • Cowbell Hero has been made and is now available on the App Store. 🙂

  • shadow1w2

    Centipong was my most favorite game on my DS flash cart.
    More of that is always a good thing me thinks.

    Microbs was also pretty good too.

    Tetripong as well really.

    Any of these making it to android would make some money me thinks.
    Maybe with a name change to avoid lawsuits?
    I think they can only really sue for the name.

    Anyway, those are my favorites.

  • Erebel55

    Alien Deathmatch 3. They are you best games imo

  • Psi

    I wanna see NeonPlat Adventures incorporate NeonPlat 2 (to give adventures a multiplayer mode) and get released for EVERY console on the planet,with both download and disc release version.

    Adventures could be in the top 10 platform games of all time and I’m talking 12 rounds toe2toe with Mario and that blue hedgehog.I have sooooo many new games at the moment but adventures is getting WAY to much play time in comparison.

    Looks great,plays great,sounds great……IS great!

    My mind hasn’t been so busy in a platform game for years.

    ‘Do I go for the letter D and risk losing a life whilst avoiding unicorn’
    ‘Do I collect the frozen triangle and lose out on a hat whilst dodging Blockman in order to gain a life I may lose in the process’.

    Do I forget to use question marks at the end of relevant sentences…..DAMN right I do,these aren’t questions,they’re states of mind artificially enduced by the magnaminous awesomness of playing this game.

    Bit Trip Runner was voted No.1 game for Nintendo wiiware downloads.

    F*ck Bit Trip Runner, repetitious piece of sh*t couldn’t even give me ‘optional’ checkpoints to alleviate the feeling of deja poo.

    Failing all of the above,a remake of ‘Horizontal shooter’ would be great,only this time make it more ‘classic’ like R-Type with joypad support.The game looked great and was unique with its mouse control but I think the oldy approach would work better.Boss battles a plenty and you’ve got another great game.