Stroke My Monkey!!

OK, folks, here comes the big test.
Is everyone ready?

Get your Android device, be sure to enable “UNSAFE!” apps in your settings, point your device’s browser to this page, then Click here (.apk) to Download. It’s a small enough download, only 1.5Mb.

Note : This is simply a test engine. This is not a game! Do not expect a game!!!

Feedback Required. (Post it below!)
Device : What have you got?
Android : What version’s running?
Running : Did it even run in the first place?

Next, Click “Easy”, and start tapping the right hand “Hard” button, making the number of onscreen sprites higher and higher, until the framerate (bottom left) starts to drop below 50. At that point, let me know the number of sprites it’s doing.
If you’re bored, you can also try out Normal and Hard modes, which draw bigger and bigger sprites, but those aren’t necessary.

If your phone has a d-pad/control keys of any sort, give them a whirl in the main menu, and let me know if they work at all. My Nexus doesn’t, so I can’t test that.

.. ok, I think that’s everything.
Thanks, guys!

Stroke My Munky!

  • Frame Rate on the Menu Screen : 40fps

    Runs every other load.Stops after the loading screen or before loading.

    All modes seems to stay at around 36 fps without any sprites on there.

    Easy 50 Sprites – 36fps
    Normal: 50 Sprites – 16fps
    Hard: 50 Sprites – 9fps

    Running: Android 4.1

    Hope this helps out 🙂

  • Device: LG Motion 4G
    Android: Android 4.0.4

    App starts but I get the following:

    Monkey Runtime Error: Attempt to access null object
    C:/JNK Software/2013-Monkey/skel/Game.monkey

    I hit back button and I am taken to a flickering screen which displays “” logo. App at this point does not respond to input.

    I tried to debug in eclipse but I only get the following:

    01-25 10:53:59.591: I/[Monkey](25390): Java exception:java.lang.NullPointerException

  • I ran the test on a nexus 7(android 4.2.1), an htc evo 3d (android 4.0.3), and a 1st generation kindle fire(weird amazon hacked android 2.3).

    The nexus 7 started to drop below 50 fps when displaying 250 sprites.
    The kindle fire started to drop below 50 fps when displaying 60 sprites.
    The htc evo 3d started to drop below 50 fps when displaying 140 sprites.

    Hope these help.

  • pistillphil

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1.1
    200 will get me 49 frames

  • Tom

    Samsung Galaxy S2.
    Android v 2.3.5

    130 and it dropped below 50 about 5% of the time
    150 and it remained above 50 about 5% of the time.

  • shadow1w2

    Xperia Play (the playstation phone with only 500megs internal memory, the horror)
    Android 2.3.5

    Controls do not work for me though D=pad and X and O keys work as keyboard keys for arrows enter and back key respectively. The Other buttons need unique key codes.

    Easy mode: 140 stays at about 40 to 45fps (started to dip at 120 and 130)
    Normal: 30 at 47-49fps
    Hard: 20 at 41-43 fps