Y5:W4 – Untitled Monkey Test Game!

Who saw this coming?!
I sure as hell didn’t!!

You can Play the HTML5 Edition here, and note a bunch of scrambled debug messages as they pop up underneath the game!

CLICK THE AGameAWeek LOGO TO START!! (The AGameAWeek screen is there as a temporary holding screen, so when embedded it doesn’t auto-start.. could probably do with a “Play” button on there, but I haven’t got around to it yet!)

The game is mouse controlled, click to fire.
It’s not a hard game, in fact it’s really really piss easy, but that’s not the point.
The point is, it’s my first proper Monkey Test, and it’s out in the wild!!

Let me know how badly it runs!

More editions coming shortly, as I manage to wrangle them out!

Things that ARE working.
1. Keyboard control, give it a whirl with cursors and Z/X/Ctrl/Spacebar (or WASD/J/K)
2. Audio, although it’s all same-pitch, 🙁 it doesn’t actually do that on other targets.. That’s just an HTML Audio Thang..
3. Sprites, game would be shit without ’em! But HTML5 is slow at recolouring, so it’s all white in the browser 🙁
4. Menu .. Game .. Menu
5. Scores, Top + Last for each difficulty. Also Saves!!

Things that AREN’T working.
1. Start screen! Like I said, needs a “Click to Play”, or something. hmm..
2. Loading screen! It doesn’t do a bar, it doesn’t do a “please wait” cycle, the game just sits there doing nothing.
3. Game Over screen! Just doesn’t happen! Definitely need one of those!
4. Music. Not sure which way to go on this one. Thing is, if I bother to rewrite my music engine, A) it’s tricky to load data, depending on target, and B) HTML5 just won’t happen, due to it’s lack of pitch. I might end up just doing mp3s!
5. Resolution Options.. oooh, this one’s going to be a tricky bugger!!
6. AppStore! I’m not putting a test engine on the AppStore! Don’t be silly.. .. maybe once this is more complete, and plays like Microbes.. 😀