Y5:W5 – Cardagain (Again!)

The last time I posted this game, back in late 2010, it was available on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and even on iOS!
This time around, I’m using a completely different programming language, and I’m not entirely settled into things yet, so we’re launching on only 3 platforms, instead.

Windows and Android versions are available right here
iOS edition is do-able, but whether or not I upload it to the AppStore is uncertain. There’s already a Cardagain up there! Things could get weird!!
It’s essentially the same game, anyway, so it’s no loss either way.

I’ll build a Mac edition later on, and that should hopefully work without any hitches.
HTML5 edition is available here!

So there it is.. Win/Mac/Android/iOS/HTML5. Five nice targets to aim for each week. Should be fun! Once the last few pieces are in place, anyway!


AGAW:Y5 Score So Far : Five weeks, five decidedly iffy games. Not a high score, by any standards, but at least I got my framework up and running!