Bonus C3ntipong Testing

I’ve yet to figure out how to solve TamToucan’s X/Y Tilt issue, but a couple of gripes have already been tweaked.
C3ntipong Test Edition for Android – Version 2!

The paddle, for starters, is now set much further up the screen. This may result in a slightly harder game, but at least your finger won’t be in the way! (or at least, it shouldn’t be, unless you have a really really tiny phone, or gigantic finger!)

I’ve dug deep into the well of games, and dug out the “Level 1″/”Next Level”, etc voice sounds from the original Centipong. They’re in there, now, chatting away as you play.
Hopefully I needn’t add any more of those, because I’m damned if I can remember how I produced them in the first place!!

Skill shot and Ball Carrying give bonus points, and there’s a wide range (not that wide!) of badges to collect along the way.

Oh, and I changed the icon, too.

If you’re playing along, let me know how it goes, and if anything breaks horribly!

  • Shadow1w2

    Back button exits game motion controls seem a bit better.
    I kinda missed those voice clips nice to hear them again.
    Now just to get that black background with pixel graphics back xD
    Also miss that music…. can’t remember if it used to have music in game or not hmm…

    Overall works fine on the Xperia play.
    Maybe a tad choppyness when things get hectic but its not too bad.

    runs fine so far, no crashes or broken gameplay to report.

    I might suggest trying it in a long ways mode with smaller graphics though but thats probably cause I played the DS one sooo much.

  • Switching on iCade mode disables the back button. Not sure why that is, might be a “Bluetooth Keyboard, instead” type of issue, but if you’re playing games on an iCade, I’m sure you’re not fussy about that.
    .. maybe..!?

    I added a quick averager to the tilt controls, which seems to have helped a lot. Nice!
    The original did indeed have music, and I’m trying to decide the best way to replicate that without a decent Mod-Player ability. Adding MP3s just bulks up the filesize, so I don’t really want to do that… hmmm..

    I’m not entirely sure I can get the game to flip to Landscape mode. Haven’t attempted anything like that, yet! I’ll have a fiddle, see what I can do.