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Don't worry, it's not Unijuggler again!!
Yesterday I started my first "bigger" project of the year. These are the games that I know are going to take a little more than the usual week to complete.
Well, I say that, but I've actually managed to achieve a staggering amount of work in the space of only two days!

The game is playable, the credits are counted, and the unlockable menu system works a treat.

I haven't added anything new, yet, though. That stuff's yet to come, and I may/may not explain some of the new features as we go along.
First new feature?
"My First Dislike" is Baby mode, giving the player a completely unnecessary tutorial (!) and three whole lives!!! Lives, in SpikeDislike!? Hmmm..
Classic SpikeDislike, on the other hand, takes you back to a single life original mode.
Hmmm.. I wonder what other modes I can come up with??

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