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Beware the dangers of Popcorn...
Views 1641, Upvotes 7, 11th February, 2014
Tiny Ass , Remake , Space , Asteroids , Shoot-em-up , Space Popcorn
Every party needs a great cake.
Platdude's prepared this one with oodles of time to spare.
Views 16, Upvotes 5, 9th August, 2016
Cake , Chef


I made a brief start on this week's game, but found my mind wandering over to a very different task.
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Views 150, Upvotes 2, 1st September, 2017
Daily Blog

First step, trying to get OpenAL to compile.

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Views 22, Upvotes 3, 2nd November, 2017
2018 Framework
Little Bobby's been extra hungry, lately.
Platdude hopes that means he's going to evolve, soon.
Views 24, Upvotes 3, 11th July, 2017
Background progress is coming along nicely.

I've currently got the level renderer to come up with a nice selection of coloured floors from 3 prerendered ones.. It can do plain, and chequered, thus giving us 6 possibilities of floors. Every room that's separated gets a random floor. Nice and simple.
(They have to be prerendered colours because Blitz is a bit slow at basic 2D stuff!! bah, humbug..)

It shouldn't be creating rooms with alike colours right next to each other, so I'm currently working on fixing that.. But even if I can't it's not exactly a biggy, right!?!

Meanwhile it's helping to make things look a bit more interesting and somewhat different from the previous version.
You'll probably also noticed that I finally got around to making the doors look a little better, too!.. Although I have just noticed that the vertical doors are highlighted the wrong way around.. d'oh! (*fixed*)

Most of the sounds are back in place, but gameplay elements aren't quite up and running yet.
The weapons don't upgrade without you manually hitting cursor keys to do it, the baddies won't appear without you hitting 1-6 to trigger a wave of aliens, and worst of all, there's not even a score yet, let alone multipliers!!!
That'll come later.

For now, I need to have a play with the editor!
Views 10, Upvotes 2, 18th November, 2008
Daily Blog
Kill all the bugs
Views 537, Upvotes 5, 7th July, 2011
An unexpected addition to the comments, as @RSKGames decides to give us a lovely "Top 15 Games of the Year" list!
Thanks :D

As we have come to the end of games this year, following is my top 15 (10 was not enough so 15) AGAW games this year.

15. Pigeon's Treat

Flappadiddle's cousin with limitted flytime.

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Views 122, Upvotes 8, 25th October, 2017
2017 Review
Comments are currently broken.
I can't merge the old Game Archive comments with the old Blog comments, because.. well, Disqus doesn't do that. Hmmm.
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Views 108, Upvotes 8, 13th September, 2017
Daily Blog
I'm ashamed of myself!
This site's meant to be a game a week. I'm meant to be challenging myself..
True... Making Alien Deathmatch 2 is a challenge all of it's own, but I was wanting my own special little site with it's own special little gimmick, and it'll all look a little bit worse for wear if I leave a second week without a new game...

So, let's have a rummage through Jay's directory of leftover bits, and see if we can come up with something special..

How about a brand new, previously unreleased edition of Stringy Things DS!

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Views 19, Upvotes 1, 25th November, 2008
Been trying to get High-Res Screenshot mode working.
It'd be nice to have 1920x1080 screenshots from the engine, but trying to get OpenGL to render to a buffer larger than the screen resolution (my laptop's only 1366x768) seems to be quite a bit trickier than I thought.

At the very least, I don't think it'll be something I can support outright, and will instead attempt to get it working "for me", and warn against widespread use.
Unless, by some miracle, I find a foolproof way to do it, anyway.

Views 13, Upvotes 4, 23rd November, 2017
2018 Framework
Don't worry, Platdude is here to save you!
Views 24, Upvotes 2, 21st May, 2017
Platizens , Island
Classic Pong with pickups, deathmatch and more.
Views 984, Upvotes 6, 28th November, 2002
Pong , Deathmatch
And with the push of a button, WordPress is gone.
AGameAWeek is no longer held on a WordPress script, and now runs on a self-written "AGameAWeek" script.
Blog, Games, Pixelart, Music and Poetry are all part of the new single script, although there are occasional trips to other scripts for things like the Music Player and the Pixelart Calendar generator.
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Views 30, Upvotes 6, 13th September, 2017
Daily Blog
Views 1728, Upvotes 5, 4th January, 2010
12 Games Of Christmas
When it's a C++

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Views 68, Upvotes 2, 26th October, 2017
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework


Yesterday was spent shuffling a fairly large number of files.

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Views 45, Upvotes 4, 13th September, 2017
Daily Blog
So much for having a nice stroll through the jungle.
Platdude's been set upon by an evil raptor.
Views 53, Upvotes 7, 17th September, 2017
Wildlife , Dinosaurs
Xmas time has come and gone, and Platdude got a new bike.
He seems to get a lot of new bikes. I wonder what he does to them all?
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 26th December, 2016
Every little task I've done,
I mark it on my checklist.
But sections are not yet complete,
And online is the biggest.
Views 20, Upvotes 6, 19th November, 2017
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