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8th June 2010
Simply put, Awesome!!!

Hop around, grab the balls, throw them at the bad guys, and paint all the white floor tiles in the colour of your pants!

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There are four difficulty modes on the titlescreen, and you can play Co-Op style with up to four players simultaneously!!! (although, you all have to be using the one system. Still haven't learned to do any Network stuff, yet!!)

Interesting Note : When I was playing around with the JayArchive script originally, and putting little test games into it, I had a few extra references in there. I later deleted them, but the Game ID's got bumped up as a result.
So, although this isn't REALLY the 200th game in the archive, it is in fact Game #200 as far as the archive's ID is concerned!

You can Download NeonPlat 2 from the Jayenkai Archive where it's available for Windows, Linux and Intelbased Mac's.


AGAW Scoring : 41 weeks, 41 games, still there, but .. I'm planning to make a slightly enhanced version of this for next week. That'd drop the ratio under it's target! Nooooo!!!!!!!
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New games every week!
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