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8 results
Guide your Clampett through the world, eating all the little tasty dots.
Views 1708, Upvotes 6, 11th February, 2017
Platform , Endless
A simple task. Just run over the floor tiles. Collect 50 tiles to beat each level.
Views 1318, Upvotes 1, 20th June, 2016
Platform , Endless
Mr Henry is having a stroll outside, whilst his magical hat gathers all the gems.
Views 1041, Upvotes 4, 10th May, 2016
Platform , Endless
Climb the endless tower, and battle against the masses of wandering turtles.
Views 1459, Upvotes 3, 2nd May, 2016
Mario , Platform , Bump
You all know the drill!
Views 4058, Upvotes 16, 12th June, 2015
Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
Guide Platdude through the tube, grabbing all the stars.
Views 1238, Upvotes 9, 27th May, 2014
Endless Runner , Dodge , Fast
Make your way through the endless forest, dodging all the evil things that appear along the way.
Views 1553, Upvotes 8, 27th January, 2014
Platdude , Jnkplat
Match 3 or more coloured blocks, and stop the playfield from overflowing.
Views 1177, Upvotes 12, 30th July, 2013
Puzznic , Vexed , Boom , Match-3
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