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The Pigeon's found a wonderful area full of little blue treats. Try to eat as many as you can, but .. as always.. Spike Dislike!
Views 421, Upvotes 2, 15th July, 2017
Hoppy Bobby , Flappadiddle
Flap across the screen, stepping on the blue blocks as you go.
Views 1213, Upvotes 3, 13th May, 2017
Platform , Flap , Spike
Escape from the oncoming lava flow, using your epic jumping skills.
Views 1034, Upvotes 2, 24th April, 2017
Platform , Wiz N Liz
Platdude dons a Samurai outfit, and gathers up the shiny blue spheres.
Views 1231, Upvotes 2, 10th April, 2017
Platdude , Platform
Help Blockman gather up his friends from the maze, and get them all back home.
Views 1945, Upvotes 1, 24th February, 2017
Blockman , Platform , Blocklets , Blockman Platform
Guide your Clampett through the world, eating all the little tasty dots.
Views 1643, Upvotes 2, 11th February, 2017
Platform , Endless
Widdal's decided to have a wander through the garden, to pick some flowers. He has a very large garden!
Views 1202, Upvotes 1, 31st July, 2016
Oldskool , Platformer , Mario
A simple task. Just run over the floor tiles. Collect 50 tiles to beat each level.
Views 1285, Upvotes 0, 20th June, 2016
Platform , Endless
Mr Henry is having a stroll outside, whilst his magical hat gathers all the gems.
Views 1015, Upvotes 0, 10th May, 2016
Platform , Endless
Climb the endless tower, and battle against the masses of wandering turtles.
Views 1408, Upvotes 0, 2nd May, 2016
Mario , Platform , Bump
Guide the Penguins to their Happy Hole
Views 1641, Upvotes 0, 19th January, 2016
Puzzle , Platform , Lemmings , Experimental
Shoot the balls to split them into pieces.
Views 1562, Upvotes 1, 5th January, 2016
Pang , Shooter , Platform
Join NeonPlat on his biggest adventure, so far!
Views 1240, Upvotes 1, 18th December, 2015
Neonplat , Platdude , Platform , Neonplat
You all know the drill!
Views 3954, Upvotes 7, 12th June, 2015
Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
Guide Munky through 50 levels of platforming, banana collecting, enemy thwacking action
Views 2717, Upvotes 4, 30th March, 2015
Munky , Platform , Invisible Munky
Guide Platdude through the completely random mazes
Views 1547, Upvotes 2, 30th September, 2014
Slots , Platform , Random , Platdude In
Help Munky gather his blocks, in this loving recreation of the original.
Views 1667, Upvotes 2, 8th September, 2014
Puzzle , Platform , Munky , Match3 , Munky Blocks
Destroy all the rocks, and obliterate all the spider creatures.
Views 1465, Upvotes 3, 3rd June, 2014
Platform , Shooter , Slots
Capture as many ghosts as you can!
Views 1021, Upvotes 1, 25th March, 2014
Make your way through the endless forest, dodging all the evil things that appear along the way.
Views 1514, Upvotes 3, 27th January, 2014
Platdude , Jnkplat
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