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8 results
The squares are emerging from their hibernation pod. Stop them at all costs!
Views 773, Upvotes 9, 22nd May, 2017
Shoot-em-up , Testcard
Collect the Disks, and return to the hub. A maze based shoot-em-up.
Views 3175, Upvotes 11, 29th January, 2015
Space , Shooter , Maze
Help Greenie find Dave in this short but lengthy adventure.
Views 1743, Upvotes 14, 7th January, 2014
Rpg , Quest , Romp
Guide OneDee through the one dimensional landscape to collect all the coins.
Views 1092, Upvotes 9, 6th August, 2013
1d , Quest
Guide Box through the maze to collect all the badges.
Views 1875, Upvotes 5, 16th February, 2010
Adventure , Quest , Whoops , Misnamed Exe
What do you do once a workshop's on fire?
Views 1309, Upvotes 3, 18th June, 2007
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
Help Platdude rescue the workshop from the evil dragon.
Views 1152, Upvotes 3, 12th September, 2006
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
Create a character and then trapse around a dungeon for no real reason!
Views 1236, Upvotes 7, 7th February, 2005
Dungeon , Adventure , Heroquest , Incomplete
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