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Daily Blog – Y7 – D282 – Moving Platforms!


How long have I been coding NeonPlat Adventures 2? Because last night I only just got around to adding moving platforms, and that was one of the first thing I wanted to add to the thing.

All this OUYA-Recompile stuff is certainly taking it’s toll on getting the newer things done.
Other things I wanted to do this year include getting an online scoreboard system working, making a new version of The Gear That Works, and of course making a new Advent Collexion, as well as getting a new JNKPlat game done.

Haven’t started ANY of those.

In the meantime, though, I get to flood the GameStick frontend with oodles of my old games.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D281 – Chaos!!!


Oh, ffs..

Now, apparently, PlayJam (GameStick) are preparing to release a new console, and would you believe it…

.. Yeah, you probably would.

I spent most of yesterday fiddling about with a test game, and compiling various test versions so that I can get them tested on the new hardware. The test .apks include things like “Loading the smaller assets incase it’s a memory issue”, and “ignoring all input incase it’s my controller code that’s broken”, through to things like “not playing any sound what-so-ever”, and many other little things inbetween.
Hopefully my shiny new test device shows up soon.


Meanwhile, I continue to fix (and/or break!!) as many of my games as I can. I can’t stop, waiting for the test device, so I’ll plough on and deal with the repercussions later.
… All 42 of them!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D280 – Free Dislike


SpikeDislike3’s been somewhat of a dead duck when it comes to sales.
Just over 140 in the past 3 months is awful, even by my standards.
It’s odd seeing SD3 doing so badly when some of my other games (like Puzzobomb from 2011!) appear to be suddenly doing much much better.

And so, inevitably, the game becomes free for a day.
I’ll probably leave it on free until later tonight, to give most people a chance at grabbing it.

If you’ve an iPhing, go grab the game for free, then spread the word about how utterly amazing the game is.
*sigh* sucks…

You can Grab it here, on the AppStore.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D279 – Making Hats


All of this New-OUYA recompiling and fixing has certainly taken it’s toll on NeonPlat. The game should’ve easily been finished by now, but instead I’m still working on enemy placements and trying to come up with Hats, which is still fairly early days in the world of NeonPlat..
Yesterday I finished off Karl’s Tiny Adventure and got it uploaded to both GameStick and OUYA. The OUYA one will be the better edition, since it includes the music.
Worryingly, NeonPlat’s Cosmic Adventure appears to be heading down that same route, as I can’t quite figure out how I’m going to get the music to work in the GameStick edition.
But. Meh, whatever. I tried.. I spent about 24 hours working SOLELY on getting that to work, and if that’s not enough time (in the world of AGameAWeek!) then I don’t know what is.

After that I also fixed up, and uploaded Munky Blocks DX, which wasn’t nearly as problematic as Karl was!
Finally, I got back to NeonPlat’s Hats, and I’ve now got about half the hats working. There’s a lot more repetition in this edition, though, since the enemies are in “groups” instead of being completely freeform (Blame Android!!)
But the hats are working nicely. In each group is a flying hat, and a shooting hat, and then a selection of seemingly random other hats.

.. I just wish there were more hours in the day, to get all of this stuff done!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D278 – Musical Breakage


I’ve spent more than enough time on Karl’s Tiny Adventure. It’s time to stop trying to fix the issue and just get the damn game uploaded.
Unfortunately, I’m going to have to do two distinct editions. One for OUYA/Etc and one specifically for GameStick.
The GameStick edition will have the music disabled.

Because apparently the GameStick doesn’t like playing audio.
I mean, it does, it just doesn’t always play what you ask it, when you ask it to.
For 99.9% of cases, it’ll bluff it’s way through, and you won’t ever notice. There really isn’t an “Issue” here, unless you’re being very picky about it.
..and if you want something specifically timed, like musical notes, where you tend to notice if they’re not being played correctly, then it becomes apparent that GameStick has audio issues.

That’s not to say, of course, that this is GameStick’s fault. The whole Android infrastructure is built upon a freeform nature, allowing developers and manufacturers to pretty much do exactly what they want with their devices.
That’s the way that Android was created, and .. sure. there are many many many many pitfalls along the way, but we learn what those are, and we try our best to work around them.

I still think Google should’ve had a tighter reign on things. A minimal set of requirements like “Can play sounds” and “Doesn’t completely fuck up when you don’t CLS the screen” and “Accelerometer doesn’t get confused as a Munky when you rotate the device” should probably have been stipulated from the very beginning.
But it’s too late, now. We can’t change it, nor can we fix it.
These are issues we all have to live with.

And one of them is the reason that Karl’s Tiny Adventure on GameStick will be without music.
.. and probably NeonPlat’s Cosmic Adventures, too. :\

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D277 – Skipping Music


Did I miss a day?!
Yeah, I basically didn’t want to make a “Still full of flu!” post, so.. I didn’t!

Anyhoo, back to coding, and Karl’s Tiny Adventure (which is next on the fixup list) has a bit of a bug in it, when played on the GameStick.
The music is hopping and skipping about like some sort of broken record. I’m really not sure why that’s happening, but today I’ll be trawling through my timing code to see if I can figure it out.

I imagine it might be that it’s heavily reliant on the “Update” method. It might work a little better if I switch it over to using “Render” instead,but then the timing probably won’t be as accurate.

*sigh* Sometimes, I just wish Monkey had a “PlayMod(!)” function. That’d be SO much easier.

It’s only a minor game, so you’re probably wondering why I’m so worried about it. Well, the thing is, this exact code is what I’m using in NeonPlat’s Cosmic Adventure, so anything I CAN fix today, will be important in the future.

Anyway, lots of tweaking to do, and hopefully I can get it all done, today, otherwise I’ll be having to delay one of my fixed-uploads for a day. Yikes!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D275 – Flu…


Suffering, yesterday, as a runny nose took control, and left me really not in the mood for doing much of anything.
Hurray.. :\

I spent what dev-time I could manage, working on Greenie’s Mini Quest/Little Adventure. For starters, I gave it it’s proper original name! Always seemed silly that the game should have two titles, so I settled on Little Adventure, since that was the name in the logo. (eg, that was easier!!)
Next, I tackled the level generator, making levels a little tougher overall, and I also set a 9-item limit on how many objects you can carry between levels. (TNT, Keys and Spells)
As such, the newer version is a little tougher to play through, but hopefully not too tough.
I gradually uploaded it through the day, and it should be available on your nearby OUYA/Gamestick store soon’ish.

Meanwhile, on GameStick…

They’ve had a ME day, as they simultaneously released the 9 games I’ve been fixing up over the past week or so.
Over the next few weeks there should hopefully be more of the same. And hopefully some other folk’s games, too, because otherwise that’ll start to look rather silly!!!

(The OUYA editions are being released, instantly, as they pass through review, whereas GameStick tend to have more specific release days.)

If you’re interested in playing the many many AGameAWeek games on your telly, be sure to grab either an OUYA or a GameStick, and you’ll be sorted!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D274 – Utter Chaos


Guess what I tried doing, last night…?
If you read the title of this blog entry, and know how smooth and silky my current Dev-Kit is, you’ve probably guessed “A quick iOS Compile”, and, of course, you’d be right!

I’m currently midway through attempting to get a Free “LITE” edition of SpikeDislike3 onto the App Store.
50 levels, no GameCenter, and a big old “Full Edition!” link right at the top of the menu.

That part was easy.
Then I copied the folder over to the Mac..
.. No.. Wait.. The Mac is inexplicably not connecting to the NAS drive.
I spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure that out, before giving up.
I hunted for my old USB Flashdrive, and copied the folder onto there, shoved it into the Mac Mini (where the USB ports are, frankly, a total pain in the arse, around the back, between masses of cables)

Then I opened the project, compiled using Monkey, and opened the project in XCode…
At which point it spent about 10 minutes doing it’s “Gathering Bullshit” thing, where it just sits there doing nothing because you happened to plug in an iPad.
THEN I hit Compile, and it complained that my Launch images were the wrong size.
They’ve been that same size for about 4 years, but NOW they’re the wrong bloody size. So I had to put different numbers into my Icon creator, which is on the PC, so then I had to faff about with the USB thumbstick again to copy them to the Mac, at which point all went silkily smoothly and the game got compiled!


*phew* The stress was over..

.. No.. Wait.. This is iOS..

Next I had to re-educate myself on the ins and outs of iTunesConnect, because they’ve completely bloody well re-designed the whole smegging website, just to baffle us developers.

Finally finding the “Upload images” bit, there are now 5 sets of screenshots you need to upload for your game.
3.5inch, 4 inch, 4.7inch, 5.5inch and iPad sized screenshots, because god forbid these devices use any kind of scaling..

So I gather up 4 screenshots for each resolution and drag’n’drop them onto it, just like it wants me to.
.. And then I wait..
and wait..
and wait..
Oh, FFS, it’s crashed or something.

F5 to refresh, and I get to do it again.
and again it crashes..
And again..
and again..

Maybe two at a time? Nope..

Inevitably I ended up dragging the images one-by-one, because that was the only way it’d work.
And then I hit [SAVE]
.. and then it said “Unable to save at this time”

I swore a lot, last night.
I swore an awful lot..

I’ll probably try again, tonight, depending on whether or not I have any more hair to pull out.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D273 – Tweaks and Trims


I got a new “Timer or Event” bar under the score, in NeonPlat’s Cosmic Adventure, which either displays a depleting timer for things like Shields and Speedups, or a set of blocks when displaying weapons and whatnot.
It’s a fairly simply little bar, and isn’t much to write home about, but there it is!

Meanwhile I’m also finding (or rather, other people are finding..) a weird quirk with some of my older games, on some Android devices. It seems that upon first load, the games occasionally crash. Reloading the game, they work fine, but if you delete the game and reinstall, the crash intermittently happens again, on some devices..
.. But only on first load.

I’m not sure what’s causing that, and it’s going to be a bugger to figure out why it’s happening.
.. Oh, goodie.. :\


I also made a choon last night. Not sure why, just kinda happened!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D272 – Hats Abound


I spent some time thinking about hats, yesterday, and trying to find the best way to illustrate the lifespan of the hats.
Annoyingly, they’re all slightly different.
Shields have hit-points, Speedups have timers, Weapons have ammo.
Complicated trying to find a way to display all that.

I think I’ll probably just end up shoving a bar somewhere on the screen, or something. That’d probably work best.
The old version had the Arc surrounding Platdude, but I don’t think that’s very suitable this time around. The screen’s already getting cluttered!!

Meanwhile, over on the OUYA side of things, I got Disc Blaster re-uploaded to OUYA last night. I’ve been enjoying replaying all these old games, and luckily the old links still work for the new editions. (I wasn’t sure if I’d have to clean up all those, too! erk!!)

Today, I’ll be heading back to fix up “Every Good Bird”. A true classic 😀

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