Newsletter #261 – Bird on the Wifi

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; Bird on the Wifi

#261 – Friday 22nd April, 2016


Every Friday, Why am I sniffling? I’d better not have another sodding cold coming on.


I don’t care if my games go unnoticed. No, really, it doesn’t bother me!
What does bother me is when people refust to try my games because they’ve been put off by hundreds of shitty “quickly made” Jam games.
It’s true that in the world of AGameAWeek, I have a rather quick pace, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the output is terrible.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed that moment when someone “accidentally” plays one of my games, but ends up really enjoying it.
And that happens a lot.

… Like.. A LOT!!!

The hardest part is tricking them into playing.
I need to work on that bit..

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