Player Thoughts : Pigeon’s Treat

Each week, players send their notes on that week’s release.
Let’s take a peek at their comments, and share some random thoughts, too!


Initial Thoughts: Looking at the screenshots during the development I felt the game is going to be a fun flying game like “Flapaddidle” but the use of a bird and the background are the only similarities between the 2 games. The gameplay is totally different game. In this game the bird can only fly or dive once per key press no flapping around.

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Player Thoughts – RetroRaider 3

Oh dear, that hasn’t gone down very well, has it?!

First up came the issue with the Level Generator.
Things seemed to break fairly late in the project, meaning that different systems were generating different sets of levels.
For this reason, the online scoreboards were removed, as they’d be impossible to properly compare between all the different level sets.

Doing test after test after test, right up until the last minute, led me to accidentally upload a broken version of the game. .. And not notice for about 5 hours, until TeamOUYA sent me their review, letting me know it was totally broken!

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Player’s Thoughts – Disco Bert

Each week, people share their thoughts with my games, and I like to make little community topics where I can answer/comment on their comments!
It’s a comment-o-rama!


I find a little more effort could be put in to the title screens of some of your more recent games. Why not do what you used to do, and add a little more visuals of some kind to it?

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