Four Completely Free iOS Games!!

For a limited time only, a select few AGameAWeek games are 100% off, on iOS!


Until July 23rd (2014!) four of my more recent iOS games are free, because.. Um.. *shrugs*

Blockman Worlds is a puzzle arcade game. Try to rescue the Blocklets without blocking yourself into a corner.
Disc Blaster is a lovely glowy shoot-em-up, set inside a petri-dish type arena, battling the evil microbes.
Spiky Tower sees you trying to reach the top of the tower, whilst avoiding the ever dangerous Spikes.
and BlastTrax is a straight forward, on the rails shooter, on a super colourful rainbow road!!


My sales figures of late have been staggeringly low, so in a futile attempt to advertise, I’m doing the only thing I can afford to do, and making a nice little pack of my games available for free for a limited time.
Will it help perk my sales figures? Or will it be like the other times, where Bucketloads of people will get the games for free, as will the pirates, who will then slap my games onto pirate sites, so that nobody will ever bother paying for them ever again..
.. Probably the latter, if I’m honest.
Aw well, never mind.. At least folk are playing..
… Maybe..!

Enjoy my games!!

PaperArcade in the Archive!

After a week or so of tweaking, testing and preparing, I’ve finally settled on a nice PaperArcade template, and have started uploading the lovely little papercraft models into my Archive.
These will be done weekly, along with the games, and older ones will be sporadically generated as I find time, and/or are bored!
If there are any particular games you’d love to see a PaperArcade for, let me know in the comments.


You can find all the PaperArcade enhanced titles here. Click into the title, and there’s a PaperArcade link within the bonus assets section.
(The filter is currently on the sidebar, under “fun tags”, until I find somewhere nicer to put it!!)

Remember that, when doing papercrafts, the thicker your paper, the easier it is to build!! (I’ve found that photo paper seems to work reasonably well.)

If you print and build any of these, be sure to send piccies!!

Until Further Notice

Seem to be in a bit of a coding-lull at the minute.
I’m also not doing much music, or even silly doodles on twitter, or really much of anything.
Seem to be at the unimaginative apex of the year, or something..

I had a game idea planned for this week, but I’ve barely touched it, instead opting to laze around the house, sleeping far much more than I oughta, and spending the time watching odd bits and pieces on YouTube.
If there’s no resulting game, this week, blame it on sheer bone-idleness.

Normal service will resume when I can be bothered!

No Game :(

This week, I started a game with ducks.
Having spent most of last week thinking about OUYACentral/Brew’s “Lester and Ralph” game, I was looking forward to making some kind of game which made use of both thumbsticks to control two characters at once.
I’d already given up on Lester and Ralph, since there wasn’t any realistic way I could fit it all into a single week, but I carried on with the twinstick control thing, and brought it down to a more manageable scale.
Ducks (and Swans) on a blue pond seemed like a good idea.
Left thumbstick controls the Ducks, right the Swans.
I added a single obstacle into the pond, and attempted to guide both characters around it, at which point the game started to fall apart, as the ambidextrous nature of the controls became all too much to handle.


Over the course of this week, I’ve tried tweaking and rejigging the controls to get it to feel better, but at no point has that been successful.

It seems a shame to waste a week’s worth of work, but sometimes things just don’t pan out like you expect them to.

Game Fail : I’ll go back to standard simpler controls, next week!


This week’s game has been started, but progress is slow. There’s no particular reason for this, just that my mind doesn’t seem to be in a game making mood.
Instead, I’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 and Tomodachi Life, as well as faffing about with various website tweaks, and doing other none-productive things.
I guess my mind must need a rest or something, as I seem to be taking a lot of breaks lately.


Hopefully, I’ll be back in action by next week.
See you then!

This Week…


This month’s “Platdude In” game is going to be a good old fashioned Joust-ish game. The rules are slightly rejigged in a usual AGameAWeek style, and things are fast and furious, but all the essentials are in.. Flapping, Bumping, Killing. Sorted!

I’m currently fiddling with my standard controller code to get it working with two players, for the co-op and battle modes. I won’t be adding players three and four any time soon, but figured I oughta at least add a player two into the mix. It’s all a bit of a mess right now, though, so if the game ends up being single-player only, know that I did at least try!!!

Tuesday : Platdude in … Battling Ostriches

Per Week Rate..

A graph of all the available data from the Archive. May not be entirely accurate, but shows approximately that I’ve gotten better at scheduling AGameAWeek. As it reaches 2013/14 it all gets a little smoother!

2011 is where I attempted AGameADay for a little while, so it all gets a bit busy.
.. Also, a bit of a gap during 2012 : Couldn’t be helped..

But otherwise, it’s been a nice, reasonably steady flow of games, and with any luck, that’ll continue for a long time to come.

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Good Grief @Softpedia!!

Someone over at Softpedia has been closely following AGameAWeek for quite some time. It seems that each time I post a new game, within a relatively short period of time, it pops up on Softpedia’s archive.
Handily, they tend to link directly to my downloads, so if in the future I opt to update any of my games, people will be able to get the latest edition.
They also write their own little descriptions and take nice screenshots, too.
It’s a nice way of doing things. I’m rather happy about the way their site works. It brings in a couple of extra visitors a week, and that’s all great for getting new people to learn about the great AGameAWeek style of gameplay. 😀

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