Beta Collexion – A – Army of Flags

Beta Collexion is my Advent Calendar of Games for 2015. 26 wonderfully playable little games, all wrapped in a lovely giftwrapped bundle.
Beta Collexion can be found here, in the Jayenkai Archive.
You can Download it for Windows, Play it in your browser via GameJolt, Play it on OUYA or a Razer Forge/Cortex device, Play it on a PlayJam GameStick, or even download an .apk if you have a suitable Game Controller enabled Android device.

Army of Flags

A teensy weeny, mini micro, baby edition of Cannon-Fodder!
Army of Flags

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D326 – Waiting….


I hate waiting..
And now I’m waiting for 2 sets of people to do their Review thing..
TeamOUYA normally get around to things on a Monday, but with all the chaos going on over there, I’m expecting mid-week at the earliest.
Meanwhile, PlayJam could take ages. Their reviews seem to be nice and fast, but the delay between Review and Release is somewhat erratic.
My first PlayJam game took about a month from when it was “Passed” to when it became available on the system.
But recent “All those games that have appeared, recently” games have been going through the system a little faster, which is nice.


Anyhoo, I continued to play with my framework, and got a few more nice elements into place.
I even bothered to reintegrate the badges into the menu. The sliding right hand sidebar now includes a brief overview of all your currently earned badges, up to about 64 of the thing, space permitting.
It’s nothing magical, but it’s good to know they’ve finally got a place other that the horrendous orange rectangle that they used to be in.

Also, it hides away nicely when there are no badges to earn, which is a good thing!

[Image Missing]
I’d’ve included a test screenshot, but I’ve already deleted all my test data, and the accompanying test image, so .. Never mind!!

Now I need to decide on a nice common style for the badges, so they’re quicker to draw, and look better when upscaled to the ludicrous size that Apple wants them at. (1024×1024, last I checked!)

Stupid Apple!! And that’s before tackling the immense amount of back&forth’ing that’s required to actually upload the bloody things.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D325 – The Lull…


And now we have to wait..
Waiting for both OUYA and PlayJam to review and release the Advent collection, at which point I also click the Publish button over at GameJolt, and set about uploading the game to my own archive, too!

.. Which reminds me.. The Archive Still doesn’t include PlayJam links, does it.. Hmm…

Last night I spent a good few hours working on a newer version of my Monkey Skeleton Framework. It’s about 50% rejigged, but I’m sure there’s oodles more stuff I can tweak over the next couple of weeks.
The new framework has lots of niggly things fixed, like the menu playing a little better, and the whole colourscheme being a bit more freeform. There are large images removed from the asset library (Greenie’s gone :( ) and a few bits of code have been neatened up as required.
I also dared to remove the OldMenu() and OldCredits() functions from the sourcecode! Yikes!!!

Smaller, neater, and not really any faster at all.. Hurray for unnoticeable background changes!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be continuing to clean up the framework, get some new features into play, and hopefully even come up with a nice test game or two, ready for the new year of AGameAWeek.


Maybe time to retire that “Untitled : Retina : HD” logo, though.. I drew that way back in 2011!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D324 – Beta Complete?


There are now 26 games in the Beta Collexion.

Over the course of today, I’m going to be playing the games over and over and over, to check for bugs and ensure they’re as nicely playable as they oughta be, and then it’ll be time to upload it.
I’ll probably give it the weekend before doing all the uploading, giving me plenty of time to pick out any weird oddities along the way, but all should be good to go by then, so review time shouldn’t be “too” long.. .. hopefully!!

The game will be released some time next week, meaning it oughta be ready to go, on whatever system you choose to play it on, by Tuesday 1st December.

A whole week?!!? … Damn, that’s slow!!! I could code another game in that amount of time!!!


I should probably note that an iOS edition isn’t forthcoming. Although I did code ALL of these games so they work with just Direction + Button, there are many instances where shoving your thumbs over the screen will obscure important events.
There’s just no getting around the fact that these are 100% controller-focussed games.
Perhaps for next year’s advent calendar, I can find a way to make things work on iOS, too. No idea if that’ll happen, though.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D323 – Rejected!


Yesterday I spent a good couple of hours recreating the classic Codemasters title “3D Starfighter” before realising “This game’s shit!!”
The game was abandoned where it was, but I’ve left the code in the Arcade Calendar, so I might sneak it in as a bonus game, or something.. *shrugs*
It’s not a “bad” game, it’s just really really dull!!!

Luckily, I also made a nice Army game, and that turned out nice and playable, so that’s ok.


2 more games to go! *phew*

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D322 – Two More Down


I managed to get two more games added to the Advent Calendar, yesterday, which means I now only have 3 more left to tackle.
A, U and Z.
U can be just about anything, but A and Z need to be extra special as they’re the first and last games in the collection. As the first one, A will be unlocked before Dec 1st, so will be playable the longest. Z, on the other hand, opens on Xmas Day.. Hmmm
No idea what they’re going to be.
.. But then I’ve no idea what U’s going to be, either.

Aw well, guess I’ll find out soon enough!

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