Daily Blog – Y7 – D138 : Hello Munky!


Yesterday, I made this!

Taking sprites, sounds and music from Invisible Munky 2, I quickly cobbled together a SpikeDislike2 theme, and remarkably it looks pretty darn good!

I also attempted a candybar styled theme, but that didn’t turn out as well, and all the striped candy bars were making it hard to tell what on earth was going on!

Lesson Learned!

On top of that, I had to add “collectables” into the engine, for Munky’s bananas. They weren’t too hard to add, as I made use of the “Background Parallax Objects” functionality.
It’s resulted in only one object onscreen at a time, but it does at least work properly, and gives you something extra to aim for.

That’s roughly 10 themes in the game, now. I need to start thinking about other elements to add.. hmm…

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D137 : Fish-Out!


My first session of yesterday was spent fixing up the issues I had with the little fishy theme.
I started by stripping out the fish, and replacing it with an Octopus, which although fundamentally the same sort of thing, looked a bit less weird when bouncing along the floor in the standard SpikeDislike style!
So that turned out nicely.
After that I tweaked a bit more of the standard engine, which is growing features every time I touch the thing, and fiddled about with a bit more music.
Later on in the day, I attempted an 80s styled retro theme, but I’m not sure if it’ll stick, since it’s kind of a bit too much to look at!!
Time will tell, whether it remains in the final game or not!

I should mention that, this time around, I have much more control over the way that things are staged, so if at any point I choose not to use a particular theme, I can simply leave out it’s “World XXX” number, and the engine will avoid it. In previous editions, if I wanted to scrap a theme, I had to overwrite all of it’s data, and it’d potentially be lost forever. This time, leftovers will remain intact, and may end up being used in future releases..
.. Whether that’s better, or not, I’m not sure. But it’s definitely easier to organise this stuff!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D136 : Underwater


Yesterday I created an underwater theme.

As good as this theme is, I’m not *quite* happy with it, mostly because the visual of a fish “bouncing” doesn’t really look all that normal!!
Today I’m going to be playing about with it, to see which works better. Sin-wave based floatyness, or .. a completely different sprite!

Meanwhile, here’s the accompanying choon that somehow also managed to come together really well!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D135 : A Day at the Beach


Yesterday I started a new theme. A road, some sand, some water, stars, moon and some boats.

In terms of effort, it wasn’t exactly a difficult theme to create, but along the way I stumbled over a ludicrous amount of bugs that were lingering in the game’s engine.
You’d think, after the past few weeks, that all the annoying stuff would now be long gone, but .. nope..
Background objects were overlapping the foreground tiles, stars were showing up over the top of floors, and all manner of other odd behaviour was going on.
Still, at least I could SEE the issues, this time around, unlike that silly Lava theme, where everything’s too dark to see anything!

So, with bugs fixed and the theme looking “ok”, it’s time to move on to the next theme. .. Or maybe some music for this theme? Not sure.. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of mood I’m in, today!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D134 : ..Silence..


Yesterday, I had a day off…
I was a lazy bugger, and did absolutely nothing of interest, whatsoever.
A lazy day, lying on the couch, playing Words With Friends and complaining on Twitter about how there’s no Countdown on TV because of the horses.
I’m getting old, and set in my ways, and if there’s no Countdown on, I get grumpy!
(For those who don’t know about the fantastic gameshow, here’s the Wiki page.)

So, yeah, mostly lazy. Hopefully I’ll get something more substantial done, today. If not.. erm.. *shrugs* Tomorrow’s blog will be just as uneventful!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D133 : Darkness


Yesterday I took some time to create a Choon to go along with the dark lava theme, and although it wasn’t exactly what I aimed for, it does fit the gameplay reasonably well.

Coupled with the theme constantly battling it’s own brightness, it makes for a quite tricky theme to play against. I’ll probably leave this theme until near the end of the game, since it is alarmingly difficult to see what’s going on!

It’s a nice theme, though, especially with those added parallax layers slowly floating about the place.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D132 : Conversions


Well, it was somewhat inevitable that I’d keep the “Not Mario, Honest!” theme in the game.

After a number of tweaks and fixups, the theme doesn’t look “too” Mario-esque. It’s still got a Mario vibe, but it’s definitely all hand drawn by an artistically incapable fool!
Job done!

Next theme..? Not sure. We’ll have to wait and see what turns up!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D131 : Leaping


Not a whole lot of news from yesterday, but that was mostly due to me not being in a coding mood.
Instead, I did at least manage to create the following ALChoon.

Which, I’m pretty sure, will be used for the “Definitely Not Mario” theme. Maybe..
Meanwhile, I managed to figure out why that odd “frame behind” bug was happening in my scrolling, and now everything’s behaving as it oughta be..
Good Stuff!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D130 : Bouncing Balls, Mails and Nails


Yesterday, I completely rejigged the “Bounce” of SpikeDislike.
Originally, the bounce was a simple Sine-wave, and has in fact been this in EVERY version of SpikeDislike, but this time I’m hoping to add a couple of new elements which have required a minor tweak in the usual ball bouncing mechanic.
This isn’t something to be taken lightly, as I had to be absolutely sure that the end result still “felt” like Classic SpikeDislike.
At the moment it’s a teensy bit floaty compared with the old, and I can no longer be exact with how high the ball’s going to end up (it’ll be a case of tweaking numbers to get the right feel) but for the most part, the engine’s not noticably any different.
A couple of nips and tucks, and all the maths will be working without too much of a hitch.
.. Hopefully!

Additionally, there’s still “something” wrong with the basic left/right movement. Some elements are scrolling a single frame later than other elements. This is a minor minor minor issue, and it’s something that most people won’t notice. (eg, Space Channel 5 does this… Sega didn’t seem to care..) .. But it’s bloody well there, and I know it!!!

Note : Craptastic looking flowers are MOST DEFINITELY only temporary!
I still need to shuffle the layers about a bit. They work fine in that position for the Faux-3D view, but not in standard view.

Background parallax stars are now much more defined. .. I’m currently double checking they’re not “too” noticeable that they effect the gameplay.

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