Daily Blog – Y7 – D172 – Kabooom


I’m still fiddling about with the level generator for the new Boxsplosions game. Currently it’s coming up with either of two level styles.
Either the arena a HUGE and has one or two targets to hit, thus leading to a huge chasm where not much happens, or it’s generating a teensy tiny level that’s completely flooded with millions of little bloody targets, which completely kills any sort of gameplay mechanic.
It’s going to be hard to get it to balance that out, without ending up with incredibly similar looking levels.

It can get a little bit quiet, when there’s nothing around for miles!!

I’m now wondering if I should start to design something else to fit into the world, be it graphical styles or music or different soundscapes. .. Or the whole lot in themes.
No idea if I can keep that up, though…

I’m also finding that I need to set the right sort of zoom for the camera, too. Too far out, and everything is small and unreadable. Too far in, and the huge arenas become overwhelming.
It’ll be hard to figure out a LOT of the things that are going to be needed for this game to work successfully.


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Daily Blog – Y7 – D171 – Rejected!!!


Further rejections, this month, as a game gets rejected from yet another format. I’m not going to give them the publicity of a good rant, but suffice to say they rejected Invisible Munky 2 because, within the End Credits, I bothered to thank the people at OUYAForum.com, who helped me when I needed to test the game’s physics.

(“OUYAForum.com” is Onscreen between 1:44 and 1:49)

Because of that very very very small mention (of an unofficial forum, btw) the game was rejected from their store.
The game, with it’s end credits intact, is also available on iOS, where they apparently don’t give a munkys that the mention is in there.

The mention is there as a message of thanks, to the people who DIRECTLY helped me settle on the game’s physics. If I didn’t thank them, I wouldn’t feel good about it. That’s what thanks are for, and that’s why they get a mention in the end credits of my game.

So, sod the reviewer that told me to remove it. Whoever they are. They can go to hell if they think I’m going to “Fix” that.

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Unable to GET PromoCodes..

Right in the midst of “AGameAWeek Meets iOS Month”, with SpikeDislike3 (hopefully) incoming, and two other games already out, and …

I’m having a teensy tiny problem with iTunesConnect.
Usually, at the bottom of a game’s info-page, is a little “Request Promo Codes” link, which you click on to get promo codes for that game, that you can then send out for promotional reasons.
The link USED to be there.. In fact, I used it mid-February to grab a bunch of SpikeDislike2 codes.
But, for some curious reason, the link has since vanished.

I’m at a loss as to why. I’ve double checked all my agreements, and triple checked my settings.
I’m set as “Admin”, and all my legal things are up to scratch.
According to everything I’ve read up on over the past week or two, the button should be there.

But it’s not..
About a week ago, I emailed Apple, and have spent the past few days trying various suggestions, and taking SO many screenshots of the browser’s settings and layout and things.
“Take a screenshot to show it’s not there.”
“Take a screenshot to show it’s not in other apps.”
“Take a screenshot including the build number, and your login status.”
etc, etc.

It’s been roughly two weeks since I spotted this ommision, and various back-and-forth with Apple, has resulted in them looking as baffled as I am.
I still don’t know why the option isn’t there, and apparently neither do they.

Until this is solved, I PHYSICALLY CANNOT give out any promo codes. As Invisible Munky 2 and ChuckABall while away in obscurity, I can only hope and pray that this is solved by the time that SpikeDislike3 gets here, because that’s going to want to be promoted.. And that needs codes!!!

Apologies to all.

You’re just going to have to splash out, if you want to review these things.

Daily Blog – Y7 – D170 – ChuckABall iOS


Hurray! Another week, another iOS release.
This week, ChuckABall shows up in the AppStore, and people go CRAZY for it!!
… Probably not, but they should, because it’s an awesome game.
Lovely and simple, and great for that 10 second wait that you just can’t stand waiting through.
Jump in, play a level (or ten), jump out. It does exactly what you need from a game of it’s type.

You can BUY ChuckABall for iOS here for the low low price of 79p, or $0.99, or whatever happens to be the lowest price available in your country’s AppStore.

.. Meanwhile.
I’ve been playing about with the Boxsplosions level generator, and have mostly gotten it working to a moderately decent degree. The game is, however, still incredibly simmplistic, and I get the feeling that it might be more fun if I try adding some extra elements into it.
I’ll be trying some bits and pieces out, later today, and seeing what does/doesn’t work well in the game.
.. Although, I get the feeling I already did that with Boxsplodings.. hmm…

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D169 – Busy Day!


Yesterday’s doings.

I continued work on Boxsplosions, and got a nice new control scheme up and running for touchscreens.
I might have to zoom out a little bit, though, as you can currently only see an area of about 8×8 tiles, whereas the whole arena is 128×128!!
Today I’m going to be playing with the actual Splosions, and seeing if the gameplay matches the previous edition, or whether it all needs to be rethought and reimagined..


This tune fits the new SpikeDislike theme that I added a couple of days ago.

I spent WAY too much time playing Fallout Shelter again, yesterday! Again, if you’ve an iOS device, I highly recommend it! And then keep that iOS device handy, because there’s Spikes coming!!

My HDMI Multi-Port thing arrived, so I spent some time rejigging the extraordinary mass of cables behind (and visibly under, and flailing all around the base of..) my TV, and got the GameStick hooked up. I ran a quick test of Invisible Munky 2, and then uploaded the thing for GameStick review.
Note down the date.. Let’s see how long it takes!

More Waiting…
Still no sign of SpikeDislike3 on iOS. GRRR!!! RAWR!! ANGRYJAY!!!
I’ve checked my calendar, and … assuming a typical 10 day wait, we should be seeing ChuckABall turn up in a day or so, and then SpikeDislike3 a couple of days after that.
Stupid waiting.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D168 – Falling Out


A whole lot of yesterday seemed to vanish just as much as the day before.. I now realise, of course, why this is..
I recently started playing the iOS game “Fallout Shelter”, which is a spin-off of the Fallout franchise, in which you need to build, organise and maintain a fallout shelter.
The game works a lot like Sim-Tower, and is “Free to Play”, but not in a terribly horrific “F2P/IAP” style. It’s fair, and it’s nicely balanced. The IAPs are there if you want them, but skill is just as important, and you can happily play the game for free without being hassled by the IAP mechanic.
It’s wonderfully put together, it looks great, and .. most importantly.. It’s sucking all my time up!!

So that’s where a WHOLE LOT of yesterday went!

I also left my PC doing backups, which are always important, and I spent some time fiddling about with a new theme for the next release of SpikeDislike3. One down… .. Loads to go!!
SpikeDislike2’s final release contains (IIRC!) 25 themes, so I should at the very least be aiming for that many by the end of SD3.

Seems odd that I’m adding new things for the next release when APPLE still haven’t approved the first release..
.. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, All-New ChuckABall has appeared on OUYA, so grab that if you’ve got one. It’s nice 😀

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D167 : Let’s Plays


.. Did I do ANYTHING yesterday?!
I’m really struggling to come up with anything that I actually did.
.. Oh, I did spend some time playing about with my telly. Trying out different “Smart” features, and trying to get the GameStick plugged in. Unfortunately, the GameStick didn’t actually fit, because I’ve already plugged 101,000 computers and consoles into the back of the thing!
I’ve had to order a HDMI switch thing, and will be plugging it into there, but that won’t be here until tomorrow.. (Waiting.. grrr)
Then I’ll be getting a few games onto GameStick and sending them off… for more waiting..


SpikeDislike3 : Let’s Plays!

I got this… .. No I don’t!
This is my favourite of the vids I’ve seen so far, mostly because he’s got all his volume levels set properly 😀 (I’m a fussy bugger!)
Nice to have an in-vision player, too!

Will He Beat It?!
.. Well, yeah, he’s already beat it from the start of the video! *tsk*
Nice to see that he’s managed to complete each of the levels, though. Those [SCORE] levels might be baffling other folk, but at least they’re do-able! *phew*!!

Warning : High Volume!!
Manages to get through to the end, but seems unsure about the Deja Vu levels. Might need to flag those up a bit better, I think.

Warning : Low Volume!! (and many much mumbling!)
“Anyhow the game itself is quite different I haven’t played any game that has similar features as this one has. Its challenging but yet fun at the same time.”
Yeah 😀
(Although we’re already up to number 3..! Not enough Dislikers out there!!)

It’s fun to watch this stuff explode.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D166 – Boxsplosions!


So, I suppose I’m making a new version of Boxsplodings, then..
I spent most of yesterday coming up with a nice Arena-Generator.
It took a while to get the feel “just right”, but it seems to be coming up with nice enough shapes.
You can see some of the generated shapes in this Vine.
So, assuming that’s the levels, what of the splodings..?
That’ll be today’s task. Trying to find something that doesn’t end up being too gridded (always a worry!), feels freeform, but also allows for specific ways to beat each level.


As a commenter (Good Vibes Eibs) says..
“Hey this is a nice happy track. We need more happy tracks so I’ll like and follow. Joy to the world. Cheers”

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D165 – OK, Now What?


With SpikeDislike3 out the door (‘ish), ChuckABall ready to relaunch (chuck?) and Invisible Munky already getting played by at least one person, it’s time to think ahead to what project comes next.
For a while, I’ve been wondering if I should attempt a newer edition of Boxsplodings.
It’s a fun little game, but was quite limited by the number of levels and how they were organised.

Rejigging it with something more like New-ChuckABall’s menu style would be nice, but would also require fore-planning on the game’s side. ChuckABall only works because EVERY level has a single working possible solution. A new Boxsplodings would need something similar.
The previous edition saw me having to hand-design each level, and then test, test and test again to ensure it was do-able.
A newer version, with a ChuckABall number of levels, would require the game to not only design the levels, but also ensure that there is a specific solution to each one.
That might take a bit more planning than I’m expecting!

But I do like the game, and it’d make for a neat iOS release, so that’s probably going to be the game that I tackle next.

As for those other two iOS releases.. .. Still waiting for review!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D164 – Angry Blog


Here’s how today should’ve been going.

“Woohoo! Yeay! SpikeDislike3! YIPPEEEEE!!!”

Here’s how today’s going..



Apple rejected SpikeDislike3 because within it’s Metadata-Keywords were SpikeDislike and SpikeDislike2.
They would prefer that I “Disassociate” my silly little piddly crappy game with the every-so-popular franchise that’s already on their store.
God forbid I try to make a sequel to MY OWN DAMN GAME!!!

It’s been about 10 hours since this happened, and as you can probably tell, I’m still rather ticked off about the whole damn situation.
I could understand if I’d uploaded a puzzle game, and stuck the word Tetris in there, uploaded a bat’n’ball game with Pong in the keywords, or uploaded a generic arcade clone with voxel art and named it Crossy Donkey.
Any of those. Fair play. I’d change it, or tweak it, or fix it. That’s OBVIOUSLY an issue. And I get that.
But .. SpikeDislike. And SpikeDislike2!?
I’m referencing MY OWN games.
And, not only am I referencing MY OWN GAMES in the description of MY OWN GAME, but that game is A DIRECT SEQUEL to the games named!!

Given the rampant abuse that seems to go on, weekly, within the AppStore, having people make sequels to their own games should NOT be an issue.

SpikeDislike3 has been re-uploaded (“Since your iTunes Connect Application State is Rejected, a new binary will be required. Make the desired metadata changes when you upload the new binary.”)
SpikeDislike3 has had it’s keywords removed.
SpikeDislike3 has been submitted for review.
SpikeDislike3 will probably take another fucking 10 “Waiting for Review” days before you see it in the AppStore.

Gee, thanks Apple.

Hey, here’s a thought..
If your ONLY ISSUE is that the metadata is a bit “fake” and “misleading”.. (!!!?) Why not just delete the keywords yourself? Would take all of 2 seconds to do, instead of having me fuck about re-doing the entire fucking thing..


I’m very ranty, today.

You can currently play the “Free Edition” SpikeDislike3 on your OUYA, or in your browser at GameJolt
The Free Edition contains 50 levels and 5 themes. The complete iOS edition will (whenever Apple decide it’s worthy) include all 15 themes and 150 levels.

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