Daily Blog – Y7 – D199 – Redo From Start?


I awoke this morning to find that FileZilla had crashed.
I’m using FileZilla to do a complete file transfer from my old NAS drive to the new one.

I’m not sure how far it got, or why it crashed, but crash it did, so I had to restart the whole bloomin’ thing. Grrr. It’s been set to “Skip if identical” to that at least should speed it up a bit.
Two whole smegging days, this has taken!!

Once it reaches the end of the transfer, (assuming it does!!) I’m going to have to run one of those directory-compare tools, I think, just to make sure that all the files have transferred properly.

Meanwhile, I’ve still not started any proper work on those new SpikeDislike3 themes (21-25). I’m being very lazy this week!!
I do have 3 fairly decent ideas in mind, however, so once I get going they shouldn’t take too long to implement.
.. Just need to make a start, really.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D198 – Watching Files


Yesterday my new NAS turned up.
I bought a Western Digital “My Cloud”, and instantly disabled the My Cloud gubbins.
An NAS is enough. I don’t leave the house enough to warrant external access!

So it all got setup, and then I did some quick file-access tests. The thing is roughly 3 or 4 times faster than my previous Buffalo Linkstation is, so it should make backing up of files a lot quicker, as well as those occasions when I copy a folder from the PC to the NAS, then to the Mac, for a quick compile!!
My Dev-world is somewhat chaotic, but it works!!

About 2pm yesterday I set off the massive backup transfer, copying 1.2Tb of stuff from the Buffalo over to the new WD.
It’s now 11:35 the next morning, and the bloomin’ thing still isn’t done!
It’s currently just over 55% through, and still has a lot of large files to transfer.
I have a lot of content on there. Server backups, all my coding for over a decade, and a lot of Sci-Fi and Comedy that I CANNOT live without!!!

And so I continue to wait. Without “proper” access to my NAS (I don’t want to confuse the poor thing copying two lots of stuff at once) I’ve been more or less just bobbling about, doing not much.
I did attempt to animate a character for a SpikeDislike3 theme, yesterday, but.. .. Well, I can barely draw, so animation’s out of the question, really!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D197 – Aaaand, Relax..


Having done the upload of the update to Apple, I intended for yesterday to be the start of a new set of themes and “the next update” type stuff.
But I didn’t.

In fact, I didn’t do a bloomin’ thing!

A milestone was reached, and my brain said “OK, let me rest now!” so I spent the majority of yesterday actually playing SpikeDislike3 instead of working on it.

I also spent a lot of time watching the going-on’s at Amazon, since they were having their “Not Black Friday, Honest!” day, aptly called “Amazon Prime Day”. (Allthough July 15th = 715, which definitely isn’t a prime number!! Silly Amazon!!!*)

I bought a new NAS drive (WD My Cloud 4Tb) and a Treadmill (el ‘cheapo, walky thing) to help me get a little more movement in my day.
I’ve been saying for the past couple of years that a treadmill is mostly useless to me. If I want a walk, I’d rather do it outside, and feel the benefit. But I’m lacking in what exercise I’m able to achieve, and I’m starting to get out of shape. I need something, and a treadmill appears to be a good enough idea.
.. I hope..

We’ll see.

All of that stuff should be turning up at some point today, so expect tomorrow’s blog to be mostly about me doing oodles of backups, and shuffling files from my old NAS to my new one, because I imagine that’s pretty much what today will consist of. … Once my deliveries arrive.

Random Screenshot of the Day


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Daily Blog – Y7 – D196 – Upload Complete!!


App : SpikeDislike3
Status : Waiting for Review


Give it the obligatory 10 day wait, and you should be playing the 5 new themes in portrait mode without parallax scrolling! (or however you choose to play them.)

.. Assuming they let it through.

So, what next?
A new game, or more Spike?
Honestly, I think More Spike is on the menu, because I have 3 or 4 new theme ideas already leaping about in my head, and I’d like to see how they pan out.

So, um, yeah.. We’ll see where we go from here.
Meanwhile, last night I uploaded “Precarious Zone”, which means that the “Precarious” Album is now complete.

You can hear the complete Album here.

Next I’ll have to re-render and upload them all to Archive.org, where the quality ends up being a little better, and then decide on what the next album’s going to be called.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D195 – Logical!


One theme’s challenge has been set, and only one more’s to go.
I’ve been struggling with these last two themes for a good few days, and suddenly yesterday an idea popped into my head, and the idea is so blindingly obvious that it looks 100% like I planned it like that!
And if anyone asks, I’ll just say “Yes, I definitely planned it like that!!”


I definitely did!

One more theme’s challenge to go, and then a bit of stress testing before I can upload everything.
Hopefully all goes well, and will appear like it was TOTALLY planned!!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D194 – A Sad Day for Gaming

RIP : Satoru Iwata

As a kid, I was never a big Nintendo fan. I had a Gameboy and I LOVED Tetris, but much as is the case nowadays, I tend to code and create more than just play.
I continue to buy Nintendo consoles and handhelds, even today, because theirs are the games that I get the most fun and enjoyment out of.

Mr Iwata was first and foremost a developer, and I can only hope that Nintendo finds another suitably developer-minded helmsman to take over from him.



I continued work on those last two themes, but I’m still struggling to come up with anything decent, gameplay wise.
I might cheat and reuse an old challenge, (Super..again?!) but I’d rather make them more worthwhile than that.
If nothing’s turned up by tonight, it’ll be a quick and dirty reuse instead.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D193 – Minor Unnoticable Tweaks


Not a whole lot happened yesterday. I mean, it did, but nothing that noticeable.
I found a couple of counting errors that were being thrown up by the new Basketball theme, and had to figure out exactly what was/wasn’t going on with that. (The hoops replaced spikes, and all manner of crazy scoring events were taking place!!)

Took a fair amount of time to fathom exactly what was happening, but I think I’ve managed to get it to a respectable method of counting! Even if it’s not “perfect”, it is at least redoable now, so everyone’s scores will be equal.

With that done, I got Theme 17’s challenges inserted into the game, and now have only Theme 19 and 20 to go, so we’re definitely getting close to that update being uploaded.

Meanwhile, this lovely review appeared online, last night.

“I’m still unsure whether the irony of being greeted by that big red heart upon launch was intentional, or not. Are you mocking us, Mr. Gamble?”

*tee hee hee*

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D192 – Hoop Enhancement!


I finally rejigged those basketball-reflections, so they look much better now. Hurray!

There we go! Much better!!

So, with those done, I turned to the last remaining themes where I have to somehow come up with imaginative ideas for those challenges, too. I’ve got absolutely nothing in mind for them, and spent a good few hours trying to come up with something.
In the end, I decided to try doing some music instead, because my gamey-brain was obviously having a day off!

There, that turned out better 😀

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D191 – Bits and Pieces


Yesterday’s first task was, of course, to add the Basketball Hoop back into SpikeDislike3.
The mechanic works the same.. Be “roughly” within the right area, and go down through the hoop to score. If you go up through the hoop, you lose your combo.
It sure is evil, this Basketball game!


As you can see, it’s not quite perfect yet. I need to add “Tilt” to the reflection, and given that I’m also dealing with rescaled sprites down there, that’s probably going to take a whole bunch of nasty maths stuff to get it to work right. Bah, humbug!!

I’ve also given Theme 16 and 17 their own challenges, and this will be the 18th, so there’s only 2 more themes to figure out before the game update’s ready for upload.
I will also, of course, need to double check all the challenges, just to be sure they’re do-able, but so far so good.

Update : 93% complete.\o/

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D190 – A Musical Day


Yesterday was mostly musical, as I tweaked a couple of ALChoons to fit the new themes, rerendered them, and then compressed them into the game.
With all five new themes now having choons, I suppose I should really get those new challenges worked into the engine, eh!?
Oddly, rather than thinking about gameplay styles, I’ve found myself doodling another new theme, and am already planning the next one in my head, too. Hmm.. That’s no good!

Must concentrate, and get the important stuff finished, so that I can get this version uploaded.

Took me a while to settle on this tune being the Basketball theme. Still not sure if it’s right, but it’s currently the one that I’m using.
Will it still be there by the time of release!?

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