Daily Blog – Y7 – D266 – Repairing Games


So, with all my games now missing from OUYA, it’s time to start popping them all back on again.
One by one, I’m opening old code, fixing up any issues, and getting the games updated to the newer framework.
The new controller code is a piece of piss, since I did all that work in the Monkey Target part of Monkey. Essentially, I need only hit the recompile button, and the new controller code magically fits itself into the game.

The tricky part is adding a “Quit Game” menu item to the game’s main menu, as not all the games work in the same way.
A standard “Button at the front of the menu” will be easy enough, assuming I stuck to the standard menu style, but games like Alpha Collexion, SpikeDislike2/3 and the current project NeonPlat Adventures 2, all have vastly different menus, with no obvious places to include an easily accessible (using just a controller!) Quit button.
There’s going to be a lot of improvising, I imagine!

Oh, also, I uploaded Alien Spindome to OUYA, but stupidly named it Alien Deathmatch by mistake.. D’oh! A sign, perhaps!?
I had to email TeamOUYA and ask them to hack their own database, to fix that one.
I’ll need to be much more careful in the future. Don’t want to be nagging them for help every other game.

With the first two games uploaded (Alpha Collextion and Alien Deathmatch) I’m going to have to wait for “Fail/Success” in the review department before I can ramp things up to full speed. Meanwhile, I’m tackling BlastTrax today, which has a different bloomin’ menu.


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Daily Blog – Y7 – D265 – Lots of Stuff


Here’s, approximately, the insane list of things that did/didn’t happen, yesterday.
1. Compile first of about 40 games for the big OUYA Fixup. Went easy enough, and the new controls seem to work just fine.

2. Upload to OUYA. Didn’t work. The whole Certificate thing stopped me, so instead I asked Team OUYA to DELETE ALL MY GAMES!!
This gives me a fresh, clean slate to work with, and should help things run a little bit smoother.

3. Waiting for them to do that.. They’ve still not finished. There’s about 12 of my games still listed as Active.

4. Upload to PlayJam. Alien Spindome is on their servers, and their “Head of Acquisitions” has given it a try. Now waiting for review.

5. Test NeonPlat Adventures 2 on my Windows Phone.
Yes.. I have a Windows Phone.
It’s a Lumia 1020, and it’s frustrating as hell to get anything worthy to test-run on it, because every time it falls asleep I end up having to reboot the smegging laptop before it’ll reconnect. Thus, testing is damn near impossible, and I quite frankly haven’t bothered.
I did a quick “Hurry hurry hurry!!” test on it, last night, and it runs smoothly enough.

Will I actually release the game on there? Most likely not. I’d prefer not to go completely crazy!!

6. Test NeonPlat Adventures 2 on my iPad.
Having waited 24 hours for the new XCode to install, I opened it up, and got my iPad connected.
Ran the test.. Test ran smoothly, but the slider movement control seemed a little too large. I’ll have to shorten the transition amount, I think.

7. Test NeonPlat Adventures 2 on iPod.
This required upgrading the iPod from iOS7 (!!!) to iOS9, but once I got it going it went nicely enough.

All three tests are showing extreme slowdown when saving the game’s scores, so I’ll need to dig deep and find ways to speed that up.
(Or at the very least, hide it away!!)

8. Fix Socoder’s Upload, because iOS9 seems to be uploading the files with different names, or something, thus breaking my lovely “rename if from iOS” functionality.
On the plusside, the thing now works with animated .gif images from your iOS Camera Roll, even if the iOS Camera Roll doesn’t animate them!

What an eventful day!
One of those days where you realise, yet again, how utterly crap your laptop’s battery is.

I need to sort that out..

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D264 – I HAZ A HAT


Yesterday was spent doing four tasks.
1. Converting recent ALChoons to work with NeonPlat’s ingame music engine.
Not all of them were a success, mind! Some of the more frantic choons ended up being a bit of a mess, so have been scrapped.

2. Recreating some of the “Hat” powerups from NeonPlat Adventures 1. I’ve now turned all 6 of the turret enemies into “8 bullets” hats.
I’m not sure how to display “bullets remaining”, as at the moment, the character’s looking a bit .. um.. chaotic!!

3. Continuing to prepare for the huge amount of recompiling I’m going to be doing over the month ahead. I’m pretty sure everything’s ready to go, now, but that extra “Quit” button on the main menu is … twitchy. I need to see if I can fix that.

4. So far, everything I’d attempted had glitches and awkward bits, so it was inevitable that the last thing on my list would be a complete and total disaster.
For #4, I figured I’d do a “quick test” of NeonPlat Adventures 2 onto my iPad.
Much like last week’s test, it would simply be a case of “Drag folder to Mac, plug in iPad, hit compile, sorted..”

Except that didn’t happen.
Instead, it wanted to do updates. Updating XCode and iTunes to match the new iOS on the iPad.
So I left it doing that for a couple of hours, and came back to find it was STILL DOING IT!!!?
Apple’s servers must’ve been chaotic last night, because I know for a fact that my internet was racing ahead at full pelt.
Stupid thing..

I left it overnight, and will have to attempt that again, at a later point today.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D263 – Plans


Bah, things are always more complicated, aren’t they?
When I first started doing OUYA games, I would happily throw up the .apk’s without any Certificates or Signing, because realistically they’re freeware, so who cares..

Plus.. “It’s easier this way, just throw them up.. when are you ever going to update them, anyway!?!?!?”

Well, as per usual, that’s come back to bite me in the arse.
I can’t update those, because since creating them I’ve bought a new laptop, upgraded to Win10, installed half-a-dozen Java updates, reinstalled my Monkey setup and indeed reinstalled my Android and OUYA SDKs.
All this combined means that my “Not signed” old version and “Not signed” new version are somehow “Not the same certificate” in the eyes of Android.

So, instead, I need to faff about with each and every game, removing the old one, creating the new one, uploading screenshots, etc etc etc etc etc…
Bah, humbug!!
It’s going to be a lengthier process than I initially imagined, but it shouldn’t take me too long. I hope..

Meanwhile, I think someone at PlayJam’s been reading my blog, because all of a sudden they started asking about getting my old games onto the GameStick, too.
Since I’m going to be sitting here doing all this recompiling gubbins, I figure what the heck, I might as well post the same games over to GameStick, whilst I’m at it.

If you have an OUYA, expect to see the AGameAWeek logo popping up all over the discovery channel over the next couple of weeks.
If you have GameStick.. … I have no idea when they’ll show up there. They seem to take about a month!!!


I probably should’ve been setting up all the OUYA/Jam stuff last night, but instead, I made a new AL Choon, because.. Why not!?

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D262 – “QUIT!”


After finally getting my Forge/NewYA stuff working, I figured I should let TeamOUYA take a look at what I’ve got so far. The feedback was roughly “Needs an Exit button”.
Because the Forge doesn’t have the big obvious “OUYA BUTTON” that the OUYA controller has, it’s much harder to assume the player has a single button to exit the game. As such, I spent a fair amount of time, yesterday, adding a Quit button into my frameworks.
I now need to replace old menus with new menus, incorporating the new Quit button, then recompile for the “NewYA” target, before submitting each game for retesting purposes.
I’ll be attempting the first couple of those, today, hopefully.


And there it is! A simple enough reuse of an image that was already in the engine, plonked amongst the standard menu system.

I’ll have to delve a little deeper for some of the games, though, as not all my OUYA games use the basic menu.
Games like JNKBombers and Green’s Mini Quest have their own unique menus, and will obviously take a little more planning to get them to show a nice button.

Note : The Quit button is currently an OUYA/Android exclusive button. I might also add it to the Windows exe target, but that means recompiling and uploading all of those, too!
On HTML5, hitting the quit button simply stops the javascript in it’s tracks, leading to what appears to be a frozen, broken game.
Curious!! I’ll, obviously, be leaving the Quit button off the HTML5 target!!

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D261 – Forging Ahead


Yesterday’s devtime was mostly spent tackling the Controller code for future (and past) OUYA games, so that it works nicely with the new Forge TV doohickey.
After a lot of tweaking, poking and prodding, I finally got my framework to work with a whole variety of different Android targets, from a single compile.
This *should* mean that any future OUYA.apk’s will work happily on all devices, instead of requiring both an OUYA special edition and a stock Android version.
The Store stuff isn’t working, but then that would require much more complex code, since there’s so many different Android stores out there. It’s tricky enough to figure out what sort of device your game’s running on, and what control scheme it wants, without then also trying to figure out which of the 1001 different stores the user’s currently logged in to!
Bah, Android..

Anyway, I *think* it’s sorted, now.. My test .apk seems happy to run on my OUYA, my Forge, and my Archos Gamepad, supporting the controller of all three without a hitch.

If you’d like to test the .apk, you can Download it Here, slap it into your device, and see if it’s working.
Do be sure to let me know if it does or doesn’t work, and what device it is you’re testing it on..


Basic idea : Select one of the modes from the menu (they all do the same, this isn’t a game, this is only a test!)
DPad or Left Thumbstick should control the little propeller.
Right Thumbstick should control the target
Face buttons and Shoulder Buttons should show up where the dots are.

The other propellers are supposed to be alternative controllers, but I’m not sure how well they work outside of the OUYA mainframe.


Meanwhile, I got all melodical, last night, and this popped out.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D260 – Mortal Enemies


Last night I started to reimplement a host of the alternative bad guys. So far I’d only been using a single set of 7 for all my testing, but now it’s time to ramp it all up a bit.
I need a bunch of enemies, alongside a variety of stylesheets, before things start to look nice and varied, ingame.

Note : The above picture is WIP, and contains a bad guy known only as “InsertSpriteHere”, who probably won’t be part of the final game. :(

So much more to do to get it all up and running, but I’m finally delving into the nitty gritty stuff, and the menu’s working fine.

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D259 – iOS Test


All the main pieces of the menu system are now in place. Or at the very least, you can now start the bloomin’ game again!!

Pick a World, pick a Zone, start the game, get through or die, complete levels to unlock more worlds, rinse, repeat!
The basics are in. The generator’s generating, the levels are selectable, and that’s all good to go.
Next I need to start working on level themes, all those different baddies, some hats, and figuring out what to do at the end of each third level. A boss battle? Hmm..
Oh, and continuing to fix up the damn music engine which is still throwing out some alarmingly tragic instrument clashes!

Meanwhile, I figured it was probably time to give it a test on my iPad, so …
It took a little tweaking to get the controls working well.
Reminder : What works when testing with a mouse, doesn’t always work when testing with your thumb! They’re very different beasts!!

Mario Maker Levels

ED35-0000-0015-51F7 : Beginnings
9DFC-0000-0020-7AE8 : Obligatory Shrine
CEC2-0000-0021-0192 : Upwardly Mobile
B4C8-0000-0022-443B : Goomba Holiday
E45B-0000-002D-3CA6 : The Spike That Spikes
4B2D-0000-0036-D636 : Another Castle
F400-0000-0036-F5F9 : Spike Dislike
3444-0000-003C-889F : Tetricide
7F03-0000-003C-9B88 : Floaty Castle
CD72-0000-003D-3D20 : Repeatavitativity

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D258 – Planets


The first half of the new menu system is now complete. You can select a World from one of the many that are onscreen, and it opens up to give you a larger view of the world.

The plan is that each world contains 5 zones, and they’ll be selectable from this second screen, except that I’ve not actually done that bit yet!
So much to do, for just a menu system. Have I mentioned how much I hate doing menus!?

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Daily Blog – Y7 – D257 – Menu Planets


Spent most of yesterday doing much of the same thing as I did the day before, which is working on that new menu system.
It’s now scrolling nicely, and the buttons all work, and the worlds are in there to replace the bland blue circles.
I’ve also added little notifiers for each world, so you can tell how many of the 15 levels you’ve completed.


The observant, and regulars amongst you, might recognise the style of planets as they’re a vague reuse of the planet generator that I used for Platdude in Space. I thought it somewhat fitting that it would be the same style of planet for this game.

So, there’s that. I still need to fit the logo in, somewhere, and probably make the thing a little more manageable, but for the most part, that’s roughly what that’ll look like.
I’ll be working on the secondary menu system, next, to allow the player to pick from the available of zones.


Meanwhile, on the AL side of things..

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