WIP : Futrino – Level One

Prepare for a fully featured level!

Although, be aware that by the time you get to play it, this level may be different.
Most of the basics are in there. There’s a couple of baddies, a couple of weapons, collectables, and other bits and pieces.
I’ve yet to add powerups (shield would be handy!) and the “Level Complete” could look a little bit less shit!

But the basics are in, and now I get to spend time tweaking and adding more bits, and seeing where it all goes from here.
Oh, and audio.. Could probably do with some of that!

If we assume I spend the rest of this week working on it, and release next Tuesday, we should be sorted.


WIP : Futrino – Name?


I finally seem to have settled on a name for this thing. I think it sounds vaguely like an 80s Shoot-em-up might sound, and nobody else appears to have used it.

I’ve spent today working on the Enemy Types, trying lots of different movement styles and things. So far, so good. I think!
Tomorrow I’ll be working on different weapon types, and trying not to make the weapons TOO powerful.. You want to have fun with the blasts, but not TOO much that the game becomes too simple to play.

And then it’s a case of balancing everything out, and trying to make it fun for a good number of levels, so you don’t get bored of the constant trek to find the three disks.
Hopefully I can manage it.

More info to come!


WIP : 402 – Enemy 001

Enemy one is a bog standard squiggly looking alien creature.

He moves around the room any-which-way, and turns whenever he hits a wall.
He is very boring!

Hopefully I can make a few more interesting creatures, later.
For now, he simply does as you expect, and also saves his position when you exit/enter rooms, which is handy.

More to come!!


WIP : 402 – Barrels

Today, I added Barrels into the mix.
I figured it best to hide the disks somewhere safe, so I put them inside barrels.
A pile of barrels will appear in each and every room, so you’ll have to do a lot of blasting to try and find the three disks.

I’m also considering putting other items in the barrels, such as extra lives, weapons and even randomly spawning baddies, and more. (The engine is ready to go, for most of these!! Woot!!)

Next I need to figure out how best to Store and Respawn rooms, due to the quirky way that I’ve decided to store them.. .. D’oh!
Each room is it’s own little area, so if you watch the video, you’ll notice the bullets are “hitting” when they try to enter a different room (noticeable around 25 seconds or so)
This is intentional, so that the game keeps its “Screen-sized room” methodology, even though I have to cater for all the different bloody screen resolutions. (grrr!)
But this means that if you’re bobbing in and out of a room full of enemies, I’m going to have to freeze them, store them somewhere, and respawn them if you return to the room.
.. Could be tricky, but I’d rather not end up cheating and simply respawning a room full of death, just because you happened to fall out of the bottom of a room!!

Plenty to think about, tomorrow.


InDev : 402 – Item Collection

I was going to do keys, but then I thought “Oh, sod it, let’s use Floppy Disks!!”
So, the ship flies around the maze picking up the three different coloured disks, which it then pops into the .. umm.. Let’s call it a magic door!
Collect all three, take them home, level complete.

I now need to add enemies, other deadly things, and a weapon would probably help, too.


InDev : 402 – Spaceship!

After having played about with the maze layout a little, and getting the scrolling a little more workable, I added a little sprite for testing movement.

Seems like we’re heading down the Cybernoid route with this one!
Next up, adding collision detection, ‘cos right now there’s nothing stopping the little ship from floating out into space!


InDev : 402 – Pipes

This morning I drew some pipes to replace the plain white bricks.
I’m still not sure what sort of game I’m making, but I appear to have narrowed it down to two possible candidates.

A) A bit like the old BBC-Micro game Pipeline, where you run around a maze completing tasks.
B) A bit like the old 8-bit game Cybernoid, where you float around a maze shooting things.

… or it could go completely crazy and end up being a giant Maze based Snake game, or something. Really, no idea at this point, just popping thing in and seeing where it takes me.

I think it’ll all depend on the next piece of the maze generator’s results. Guess I’d better work on that, then!



Since I’m spacing out my dev-time, I should hopefully have more time to do Dev-Diary type posts, as the games progress.
Hopefully, this will give you a little more insight into the sort of decision making that goes into AGameAWeek. I’ll also try to take the time to add odd bits and pieces of craptastic-useless-trivia whenever I get the chance.

As frequent players will have noticed, I’ve been using a strange secondary numbering system for a long while. (Check out the Windows-Downloads to see them!)
The numbers are based on when the very first Wednesday Workshop was set, and have been increasing ever since. Sometimes I skip numbers, other times I make about 5 or 6 prototypes with the same number, but in general each released game since about 2008 has had a unique number.

The game I’m currently working on is #402 (Alpha Collexion was #400!) and until I bother to give the thing a name, that’s what it’s referred to as! The folder on my desktop is simply 402/, and the game dev file is Game.monkey. Once I’ve bothered to name the game, I tend to tweak it all to suit the new name. .. Although, occasionally, folders are left with their proto-names, if I’ve come up with any along the way. (“332 – TrackShot” springs to mind.. That one ended up being called BlastTrax!)

Anyway, I’ve started this current project by creating a simple looking maze generator, and setting up the engine to allow good-old-fashioned screen-flipping movement.

Next I need to start designing walls, background objects, pickups, and then adding in some enemies.

I’m not 100% sure what form the final game will take, be it an RPG romper, a Space Shooter, or what. I’ll leave that up to whatever style of graphics I can be bothered to draw :D


AGameAWeek : Year 7 : The “Gap” Year – Rules

I’ve opted to call Year 7 the “Gap” Year, in the sense that not every week will be a game… There will be frequent Gaps!

I’ll be trying out the usual crazy ideas, but each game will be given a little more breathing room than I usually give them, in an effort to make games a little more substantial than they usually end up being.

The Rules are as follows..
After week one, the game should at least be playable. If it isn’t, then I throw it out and start something else. No good forcing bad ideas down people’s throats!
After week two, the game should be bulky, and pretty much ready for launch. Tweaks on difficulty and general “playability” will be the focus, here.
By week three, I’ll try to release whatever I’ve got, and then based mostly on feedback the game might hang around for Week Four where it’ll get bulked up…. or I may just move on to the next project, instead!

If a game manages to surprise me, and get finished within a week, then so be it. That’s what’ll be released.
Similarly, anything that seems to drag on too long will either end up being posted “unfinished”, or just be scrapped.


What’s Going On?!!?

Things I should be doing.
1. A new Alien Deathmatch
2. A new RetroRaider
3. A new JNKPlat
4. That space-platformer-shooter thing
5. YBox Drops
6. SpikeDislike3

Each and every one is too large for a Weekly timescale, and as such, I’ve not started ANYTHING!
They’re all random unstarted ideas, waiting for “just the right time”, but at the rate of AGameAWeek, there’s never really going to be time to get around to them.

Heck, I was supposed to do JNKPlat 2 years ago! I started it for the Xmas special in 2013, and.. That’s as far as it ever got.
And let’s not forget the wonderfully styled Sheep Goes Right that’s been lying unfinished for just as long.

So I’ve made a decision.
Over the past 2 years I’ve written nearly 100 games, and that’s enough for a while. Instead of scrambling to achieve AGameAWeek, I’m going to be focussing on roughly one every month, and it’ll be a nice big decent sized game.
I still have elements of the framework to fix up, but nothing that’ll get in the way of game making, as long as I actually get on with the game making!
And that’s the important bit. I’ll no longer be worrying about what I can cram into a week, and so (with any luck) I should be able to work on some of the bigger ideas.

Feel free to shout at me in the comments, if you dislike my decision :D

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