This Week…

This week, I decided that I really oughta get a decent puzzle game onto the OUYA.
My first thought was to do a Tetris game, and recreate TetriPong, but as is usually the case, halfway through the planning stages, an ACTUAL Tetris game was launched, by The Tetris Company, onto the OUYA.
I’ll probably save that for another time, then.
But what of my need for Puzzles? What other old AGameAWeek game can I trudge out as a new Puzzle game?

Oooh, I know!!

The game’s “mostly” stable, and needs only scoring and a decent level structure. I’m not sure how I’m going to lay out the levels, but it’s currently in sets of 5 levels..
No idea if I’m sticking with that.. Guess we’ll find out later in the week..
Meanwhile, I’m desperately trying to cobble together as many levels as I can, within the short amount of time remaining.
Wish me luck!!!

Additional Note : I probably won’t be releasing a HTML5 edition of this game, unless I can SERIOUSLY reduce the amount of stuff that’s running ingame. To fully check for “groups”, the game’s looping through the grid 3 times. That’s a fairly large grid * 3, 60 frames a second. .. HTML5 and Javascript are capable of a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them! My Laptop gets nice and toasty, even during short tests.
I’ll see if I can do something about that, but I’ll probably just stick to exe/apk releases, to be on the safe side.


Munky in Monkey!

Today I’ve started recreating Munky Blocks.
At the minute, I’m trying to get the basic controls up and running with a touchscreen, which.. as you can possibly imagine.. are a teensy bit tricky.
Once I’ve got the game basics up and running, I’ll start messing about and seeing what “NEW!” features I can add into the mix.
.. I also need to build a boatload of levels, too, so .. this will probably be a difficult week, ahead!!

Stay Tuned!!


Uninteresting Wallpaper of the Moment

This week, I doodled a desktop.
It’s nothing fancy, and is just there for the sake of being a nice desktop image.

With the AGameAWeek Logo


or Without..


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Y6:W33 – Platdude in Swamp Golf

Thwack the Crocs over their heads with your balls! Swamp Golf!!

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Coming Soon to Windows Phone, Maybe!

A few months ago, I bought myself a new camera. Well, actually it’s a Phone, but since I never phone anyone, and all my communication is via the internet, and I never actually go anywhere, the “phone” part of the phone is pretty much going unused.
I bought the Lumia 1020 as a camera, because it has a wonderfully large 41 megapixel sensor, and a staggeringly good Optical Stabilisation lens. Since my whole “brain tumour!” thing, I’ve had incredibly shaky hands, and being able to take crisp clear photos without needing to put the camera onto a stable surface first, is a godsend!

But why choose a phone, and not a camera?
Well, two reasons.
First, I don’t really like lugging a camera around. Since the world of camera-phones has emerged, the possibility of a little thin camera in my pocket is a great thing.
Even a “Pocket” camera is a great big thick chunky thing, which would never fit in my Jeans pocket. A phone does. And does well.
Having an actual pocket camera, which actually fits in my pocket, and actually takes great pictures? Yeay!

The other reason was Windows Mobile.
Monkey, my current choice of language, allows you to target MANY different devices, and Windows Mobile is one of them.
I know how to build for iOS, and Android, and figured it was probably about time to try out WinMobile.

Today, I finally attempted compiling for my “camera”, and I’m happy to say that it went fairly well.
A simmple, single test, a few tweaks, and another test. All seemed to work reasonably well, and appears to be easily repeatable for future projects.

I now have to learn all about the licenses, and requirements for store-based stuff, and hopefully within the next few months I’ll be up and running on there.
Also, I could do with sorting out my iOS stuff, and .. I really need to get myself another Android test device..

But I’m slowly nudging my way back to phone-dev, so expect a few touch-based games to start appearing soon.
Whether WinMobile games will be weekly, will be entirely dependant on how long it takes me to get from hitting the compile button, to it being available in the store.

(Oh, and .. WTF is with THOSE icon sizes, Microsoft? Bloody hell!!)


Health Update : August 2014

Last week saw the two year anniversary of this post, where I waffled and rambled on about my health condition. Mum suggested it was about time to write an update, so this is that!

Two years on, and although I’m marginally better, I’m still somewhat stuck in a fairly similar position.

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This Week…

I’m not 100% sure how this game’s going to turn out, as it’s currently still in the early days of development, but I spent so much time, yesterday, getting the Ball-Thwack physics to work well enough… It’d be a shame to give up, now!


Tuesday : Platdude in “A undecided game title with the word Golf in it”


So, I Upgraded the Server…

You might’ve noticed odd outages and curious tweaks and changes over the course of the last week..
Last Wednesday I decided it was finally time to upgrade the server, and the switch went “mostly” smoothly. There were quirks along the way, and the WordPress didn’t enjoy the shift at all.
I’ve spent days trying to reconstruct the AGameAWeek blog using various bits and pieces, from raw database sql, to having to redraw bits and pieces..
As well as all of that hassle, I’ve had to completely move everything from one server to another.
It’s been a “bit” of a hassle, if I’m honest.

.. Although, my self-coded Jayenkai Archive made the move without so much as a single complaint, which is nice.

This took up most of my coding schedule between Wednesday and Friday.
As a result, I had to rumble together a super-quick game, and so over the course of just Saturday and Sunday (2 days!) I fumbled about making a Tower Defence engine, before reversing the player roles, and finally drawing some nice graphics.
To say that the game turned out nice, is a bit of an understatement.


The game is currently sitting pretty on GameJolt’s frontpage, and has had an alarming nummber of plays. It currently has a rating of 3.6/5, and most people seem to like it (although they’re mostly wondering why it has 3 movement speeds.. hmm… Future enhancements, perhaps?!)

It’s a lovely game, and I’m glad it’s turned out to be popular.

… Not bad for 2 days work!


PlayOUYA Plays AGameAWeek

Live on Twitch for a long long time, Team OUYA took to the airwaves and streamed a whole bunch of my games, all playing lovely on OUYA.
You can Watch the Recorded-Steam here.


They get a bit bored about halfway through, methinks. AGameAWeek-Fatigue!?!


They play through such wonderful games as My Little Rescue Helicopter, and Greenies MiniQuest.
They also play through terrible games like Karl’s Tiny Quest, which desperately needs fixing up!
They don’t get time to play Space Clusters, or JNKBombers, or a bunch of other great games :(

Nice amount of SpikeDislike at the end, though, to make up for it. :D




I get a lot of PR gumf in my email..
Sometimes I like to reply.

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