Game Scrapped!

Game scrapped.
Kinda scrapped.
Mostly scrapped.


I might come back to it at a later date, when the idea’s a little more “rested”, but I think that re-attempting it so soon after doing Alpha Collexion made for a very “Samey” experience.
The game works and is fully playable, but.. Realistically, it’s the same feckin’ game, and compared to it’s “In a collection with 25 other games” counterpart, it looks sad, lonely, and somewhat pathetic as a standalone game.

So, um.. I’m going to try something else, instead.
Game Scrapped!



Coder’s Block

I might scrap YBox.
.. Or should I release as-is? I’m unsure.
I got most of the game working, but it’s run out of steam, and is rather bland and uneventful.

*shrugs* we’ll see.



Hey, d’you have a GameStick?


Well, for those who DO, you can now grab Alpha Collexion from the GameStick frontend doohickey, and give it a whirl.


The game seems to work ok, but for the lack of DPad. Not sure why that is, but I’m guessing it’s the same reason why my X360 pad’s DPad isn’t working on the OUYA, either.
Will have to look into that.

Other than that quirk, the games are all fully playable, and the whole pack works great.

Apparently it’s the 120th game on GameStick.. .. Not bad, but not quite the 1000th it earned on the OUYA!! :D


InDev : 403-001

If you played through Alpha Collexion, that should look familiar.
For my next game, I’m doing that again!
“YBox Drops” or “YBox Falls” or something like that..

I’ll be adding optional skins, making the rules a little clearer, and coming up with some new gameplay mechanics along the way, but…
Essentially it’ll be that same game again!

… I hope you liked it, before!!!


Pebble Watch?

Monday : I randomly decided to buy a Pebble Watch from Amazon.
Tuesday : The Pebble Watch arrived, and I experimented by making a Platdude WatchFace.
Wednesday : SpikeDislike Jr!!

I expected to have to download a complicated devkit to get it all going, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that, in actual fact, you can do it entirely online.
The IDE is much like PlayMyCode, in that it’s a language within your browser, only this time it’s proper C coding, and it compiles on their server to produce a .pbw executable.
Amazingly, this .pbw can be executed using the IDE’s built in emulator, so you don’t even need a Pebble Watch to get yourself started.
If you know what you’re doing in C, and can work Google enough to help figure out how to achieve all the bits and pieces, you can start coding for a Pebble RIGHT NOW, even if you don’t have one.
Of course, you should ALWAYS test compiled exe’s on a real device before publishing, but everything else up to that point is entirely doable right there, on the website.
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Y7:Game 2 – Futrino

Time to hunt for your floppy disks!!

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WIP : Futrino – Level 3

Plenty added today, and loads more to add, too.
If all goes well, the game should be popping up by Tuesday. Woot!!

Having LOTS of fun playing this game, and it’s a fairly tricky game, too. Mmmmm :D


WIP : Futrino – Level One

Prepare for a fully featured level!

Although, be aware that by the time you get to play it, this level may be different.
Most of the basics are in there. There’s a couple of baddies, a couple of weapons, collectables, and other bits and pieces.
I’ve yet to add powerups (shield would be handy!) and the “Level Complete” could look a little bit less shit!

But the basics are in, and now I get to spend time tweaking and adding more bits, and seeing where it all goes from here.
Oh, and audio.. Could probably do with some of that!

If we assume I spend the rest of this week working on it, and release next Tuesday, we should be sorted.


WIP : Futrino – Name?


I finally seem to have settled on a name for this thing. I think it sounds vaguely like an 80s Shoot-em-up might sound, and nobody else appears to have used it.

I’ve spent today working on the Enemy Types, trying lots of different movement styles and things. So far, so good. I think!
Tomorrow I’ll be working on different weapon types, and trying not to make the weapons TOO powerful.. You want to have fun with the blasts, but not TOO much that the game becomes too simple to play.

And then it’s a case of balancing everything out, and trying to make it fun for a good number of levels, so you don’t get bored of the constant trek to find the three disks.
Hopefully I can manage it.

More info to come!


WIP : 402 – Enemy 001

Enemy one is a bog standard squiggly looking alien creature.

He moves around the room any-which-way, and turns whenever he hits a wall.
He is very boring!

Hopefully I can make a few more interesting creatures, later.
For now, he simply does as you expect, and also saves his position when you exit/enter rooms, which is handy.

More to come!!

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