Mystery Papercraft #001

I wonder what on earth the mystery object could be!?!?
Print out, and piece together to find out!

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(*NOTE : This post is not meant to be taken seriously!)


Got Paper?

A quick test..
I recently bought a nice new printer, and figured it might be nice to design a little Arcade cabinet thing.

Bloody fiddly bastard! I didn’t quite have the patience, so gave up trying!!
If I’m honest, it’ll probably fit together nicer if I didn’t use such flimsy paper, and goopy glue, but.. What the hey! It almost worked, and future attempts should be marginally less crappy!

Build Your Own

Click for ludicrous-size

How I Created It

I used Sketch Up to design a simple white cabinet model, then Pepakira to “unfold” the model into a nice white paper-cut-out template.
Next I recoloured all the faces, saved it as a png, and rewrote a fairly significant chunk of my Icon Resizer to take the logo, icon, and some screenshots, and then piece them all together around the cabinet, using the different coloured faces as guides.
The image is then saved as a 3200×3200 pixel .png which you can simply print off, and then faff about with for FAR too long, trying to piece the thing together.

Hopefully my next attempt comes out a little better!! I’ll let you know.
If you attempt to build the model, let me know! Send pics :D


New Adventures?

As I sit here trying to code this week’s AGameAWeek, I’m struggling.
Not because I don’t know what the game’s supposed to be. I actually have most of the game planned out in my head, and I think it might be fun, but something else is butting in.

For some strange reason, I can’t stop thinking about NeonPlat Adventures.
I’d like to make “Greenie’s Communication Tower”, but each time I open the code, I instead find myself thinking about the complexities of Platform World Generation, and how much fun I found those early days of building NeonPlat Adventures!

I can’t seem to get it out of my head, and .. as of this moment, I’ve closed the “382-GCT” folder, and instead created a “383-Adventures” one.
Current thinking is that the game will probably be a standard world, rather than NeonPlat one, in that I’ll need to draw tiles and things instead of relying on neon glowing stripes to cheat my way through things.
I’ll need to draw plenty of world themes, and create a whole swarm of new enemy creatures.
It’ll require some kind of world/map system, with a nice “infinite levels” structure, which somehow looks vaguely formatted like the old Calendar version was.

And then there’s the level layout thing. That’ll need redoing from scratch, because I’ve a couple of tweaks to consider along the way.

It seems my head’s in the right place to start this, and no matter how much I want to carry on with the regular AGameAWeek schedule, I’m going to have to divert from the normal style, to go ahead and do this slightly different task.

I’ve no idea what this’ll end up looking like, and if I’m honest, it might not even be Platdude once all is done.
In all honesty, I’ve no idea where this one’s going to end up.
Prepare for Brand New Adventures..

More news as it happens.


Until Further Notice

Seem to be in a bit of a coding-lull at the minute.
I’m also not doing much music, or even silly doodles on twitter, or really much of anything.
Seem to be at the unimaginative apex of the year, or something..

I had a game idea planned for this week, but I’ve barely touched it, instead opting to laze around the house, sleeping far much more than I oughta, and spending the time watching odd bits and pieces on YouTube.
If there’s no resulting game, this week, blame it on sheer bone-idleness.

Normal service will resume when I can be bothered!


No Game :(

This week, I started a game with ducks.
Having spent most of last week thinking about OUYACentral/Brew’s “Lester and Ralph” game, I was looking forward to making some kind of game which made use of both thumbsticks to control two characters at once.
I’d already given up on Lester and Ralph, since there wasn’t any realistic way I could fit it all into a single week, but I carried on with the twinstick control thing, and brought it down to a more manageable scale.
Ducks (and Swans) on a blue pond seemed like a good idea.
Left thumbstick controls the Ducks, right the Swans.
I added a single obstacle into the pond, and attempted to guide both characters around it, at which point the game started to fall apart, as the ambidextrous nature of the controls became all too much to handle.


Over the course of this week, I’ve tried tweaking and rejigging the controls to get it to feel better, but at no point has that been successful.

It seems a shame to waste a week’s worth of work, but sometimes things just don’t pan out like you expect them to.

Game Fail : I’ll go back to standard simpler controls, next week!



This week’s game has been started, but progress is slow. There’s no particular reason for this, just that my mind doesn’t seem to be in a game making mood.
Instead, I’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 and Tomodachi Life, as well as faffing about with various website tweaks, and doing other none-productive things.
I guess my mind must need a rest or something, as I seem to be taking a lot of breaks lately.


Hopefully, I’ll be back in action by next week.
See you then!


Y6:W24 – Platdude in Battling Ostriches

This week, I got a new phone, and so game-dev took a bit of a back seat. As a result, this game isn’t quite as good as it could’ve been, since it’s missing a fairly significant part.

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This Week…


This month’s “Platdude In” game is going to be a good old fashioned Joust-ish game. The rules are slightly rejigged in a usual AGameAWeek style, and things are fast and furious, but all the essentials are in.. Flapping, Bumping, Killing. Sorted!

I’m currently fiddling with my standard controller code to get it working with two players, for the co-op and battle modes. I won’t be adding players three and four any time soon, but figured I oughta at least add a player two into the mix. It’s all a bit of a mess right now, though, so if the game ends up being single-player only, know that I did at least try!!!

Tuesday : Platdude in … Battling Ostriches

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