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A Restless Night
  18th August, 2019
After a night of busy coding, I was finally trying to get to sleep at about 2:30am.
I switched off the light, rolled over in bed, and ...

tap tap..
tappity tappity tap.

The sound of a great big moth flapping around the room.


Why is it that moths seem to enjoy slamming into things?
I'd like to imagine that, if given the ability to fly, I wouldn't then mindlessly bang into anything I fly towards.
Other insects can do it.
Other than the odd thwack on a windowpane, most insects happily buzz and flutter around the room, gently landing on things, and otherwise being silent.

But moths..



I made a gentle start on the next game I'd like to make for Browsercade.
A methodology to create levels that may or may not work well at all, and will entirely depend on how well I design the rest of the game.
I very much doubt the game will be ready for tomorrow, but if I shuffle around my days a little, I might yet end up releasing it, this week.

So.. I might not have a nice week off, this week.
We'll see!

... Might need to take a tip from Platdude.

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