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Nothing Found :(
  20th September, 2019
My iPad alarm went off as usual, and I rolled up and hit the "STFU" button like I always do.
Except it didn't STFU..
Instead, it got approximately 800 times louder, and glitched the same half second of audio, over and over and over and over and over and over...

I had to power down the iPad and reboot it.

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Daily Blog , Apple , Ios13 , Arcade
  2nd July, 2019
Watch me fumble my way through the Shoebox, in this brand new Shoebox of Games Youtube Playlist!!

That's taken about 4 hours in total.. Capturing, uploading, editing the info, then dumping them all into a playlist.

This probably isn't all that interesting, if I'm honest, but I figured it was about time I started making basic, regular use of my Youtube channel.
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  18th December, 2018
You can Download Lazy Man's 3DS Theme Generator here, but you'll need a couple more utilities on your system to make full use of it.

Editing Themes

To edit 3DS Homebrew Themes, you'll need a decent editor. I use the editor "Usagi"
You can download that here
For reference, the version I use is v1.0.12.1 - I'm not sure if there are other (better or worse) editors available, as I found this one and was comfortable using it.

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Dev Tools
  16th September, 2019
The stars are aligned, so prepare your paint and burst them all away!
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Browsercade , Strategy , Puzzle
  3rd June, 2018
Blockman returns in another classic maze-puzzle dot-munching game.
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  18th September, 2019
Idigidragon's getting a remake on Switch, this week.

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Daily Blog , Petit Switch , Shoebox , Pool
  27th August, 2018
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Game , Pokemon
  15th June, 2018
I'm now happy that the bats are balanced well enough for the gameplay to be nice and playable.

Had a good play on both Desktop and 3DS and things seem to be running smoothly enough.
The graphics on 3DS are a bit smooshed, but .. They're passable. I think.. Maybe!

Todo : Needs a background graphic of sorts, and then logo, icons, etc..

Should be ready in the next day or two.
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Daily Blog
  14th May, 2013
Try your best, in this epic battle, as Idigidragon once again storms the city.
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Remake , Rawr , Dragon , Duck
  7th March, 2011
Take one part Asteroids, and mix in... um..

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  10th July, 2019
Allen writes..

Not sure if you still develop for OUYA but I play all of your games on there and I had a game idea that I wanted to share with you.

Oh, how I miss the OUYA.

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Suggestions , Ouya
  18th April, 2011

View on YouTube

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Ios Dev
  16th September, 2019
The reproduction of Interplanetary Paintbox/Paintshop (!) is almost done, but the stars aren't quite right, yet.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
  2nd July, 2013
Grab all the coins, whilst avoiding the spikes.
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Swim , Catch , Splat
  5th April, 2018
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  15th September, 2019
Over on this particular Smile Basic community forum, the admins finally (after me whinging about it!) added in an option to let people submit games made for the new Switch edition of Petit Computer.

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Daily Blog
  26th August, 2008
Tap, Tap, Tap!!
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Needs , More , Cowbell , Music
  23rd April, 2019
As the Shoebox grows, so the feedback flows!
You can Play the Shoebox of Games here.


Today I played Board of spikes and Ludo in android mobile. This is the first time I am playing shoebox of games in mobile and I found it to be a very good experience. Took a little bit of effort to place the ludo pieces initially but then it became easier.

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Player Thoughts , Shoebox
  30th March, 2019
Added game "Snakes and Ladders"

Seems playable!!

You can Play Shoebox of Games here, and you'll find Snakes and Ladders in the new "Board Games" section! Oooooh!!

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  14th September, 2019
In reply to my earlier thoughts on "blurred" backgrounds, Alan suggests..
Probably requires opengl wizardry. I need to study up on this a bit myself.

And he's probably right..

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Player Thoughts , Shoebox , Browsercade
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