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Y3:W12 - Super Spike Dislike
4th January 2011  
You all know how to play this one!

Also on iPhone/iPod/iPad
Bounce continuously to the right, avoid the spikes, shoot at them occasionally, Super Spike Dislike!!

A remake of one of the Advent games from last month. This one seemed to be the popular choice, so I figured it might as well get a good old fashioned remake.

A nice and simple game to start off another year!

You can Download Super Spike Dislike here for Windows, Linux and MacOSX (Intel)

You can additionally play a smaller edition of the game in your browser, right here. (Although, only time will tell if it gets the latest enhancements. Right now it doesn't, so grab the full one instead!)


AGAW Scoring : 12 weeks, 8 games. ... Well, ok.. 33 if you count the advent as separate games!

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New games every week!
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