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Y3:W19 : Horizontal Shooter -=Gen4=-
22nd February 2011  

Captain Wants Freedom


AGameAWeek is officially back to it's old ways. Long gone are those nasty Cassette 50 memories, and in their place, randomly spawned games with probably less work, definitely less time spent on them, and a whole lot more enjoyable!

I was considering the whole Rounds/Bosses/Pickups route, but in the end I opted to go the "It's just HorizontalShooter" route, and just got it throwing enemy after enemy at you.
It's another highscore battler!

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It's lovely and swooshy! It's incredibly repetitive! It's all about the scores!

You can Download Horizontal Shooter -=Gen4=- here!


AGAW Scoring : Lots!!!

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