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Y6:Xmas - Alpha Collexion
25th November 2014  
Merry Christmas!!

.... What do you mean, too early!?
Well, ok, maybe it is..
In fact, as of right now, it's exactly one entire month early!
But let's not let that get in the way.
Introducing "Alpha Collexion"



You'll find there's currently only one game available to play, but don't worry, as over the course of Advent, Dec 2014, a new wonderful* game will unlock, every single day, right up until Xmas Day!
Oh boy!
It's almost like I actually bothered to plan ahead, for a change!!

There's some cracking games coming up in the collection, and from Dec 1st I'll be posting daily bits and pieces, about each and every one of them, as they appear.

You can Download Alpha Collexion here for Windows, grab it for your OUYA, or play it in your browser via GameJolt.

Merry Christmas

NOTE : It is absolutely, indeed, possible to shift your computer's date forward, to unlock all the games. Feel free to do that if you can't wait, but treat this like you would any other Advent calendar, and try not to spoil it for others who may prefer to "play along"..

Note 2 : I've been hard pressed to write all these games with cursor/controller support. Trying to add touch controls has been a nightmare. I'll keep attempting to make them all touch-able, but for the meantime, controller/keyboard only, I'm afraid. (Plus, you can't even start the bloomin' thing, using only a mouse/touchscreen!!)

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New games every week!
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