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Y2:W36 - Gravity Bombs
4th May 2010  
AGameAWeek! Seems like a long long time since I last did this.
In reality, it's only been a month, but BOY did that feel like an eternity!

Let's have a look at this week's game..

It's all about shooting the coloured pods.
Controls might be a wee bit odd, at first, but you get used to them!
Hold the left mouse button to turn the launchers around, and tap the right mouse button to fire.
Try to hit alike colours with the right missiles.

If a hole explodes, it shoots out a bunch of new missiles, and they all go swirling around on the screen.

If you shoot a different coloured hole, it will slowly disappear. Rapidly with your launched missile, slower with any others.

You start with only 20 shots, and gain 5 extra shots for each round you complete. Try to remove all the holes in a vague order so you don't run out of ammo. If you do run out, there are 3 extra lives in the game, and you'll restart the same round with the same number of shots, and one extra for good luck.

Is it a good game? Honestly, I have no idea. I've been having fun playing around with it, and making nice pretty swirls, but.... As a game?! I don't know...
I'll let you decide!

You can Download Gravity Bombs from The Jayenkai Archive for both Windows and Linux. One day, I'll get me a Mac, and then I'll have to recompile all these!!


AGAW Scoring : 36 Weeks, 38 Games. The lead has fallen. Must try harder!

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New games every week!
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