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13 results
  5th September, 2019
Platdude's stumbled into a giant spinning landscape.
Help guide him to the other side, and gather up as many blue spheres as he can, before the time depletes.
Views 9, Upvotes 1
Platform , Platdude , Jnkplat , Slots
  2nd October, 2018
Guide Platdude through the various levels, as his continuing quest for the Spheres continues.
Views 1714, Upvotes 13
  19th December, 2013
A short Xmassy adventure
Views 1028, Upvotes 8
Platdude , Puzzle , Platformer
  20th April, 2010
Join Platdude in his chunkiest adventure yet!
Views 15759, Upvotes 64
Platdude , Puzzle , Platformer
  1st June, 2009
A quick test of JNKPlat in 3D
Views 2157, Upvotes 30
Incomplete , Puzzle , Platdude
  2nd September, 2008
Guide Platdude through the many varied levels.
Views 2290, Upvotes 48
Platdude , Platform , Strategy , Puzzle
  25th December, 2007
A second DS Homebrew test, entered and subsequently lost a DS Coders competition on the grounds that it was (!!!) TOO HARD?! The feckin' wimps..
Views 696, Upvotes 6
Jnkplat , Xmas
  12th October, 2007
Spin the reels, and hope for the best!
Views 1943, Upvotes 11
  6th July, 2007
Guide Platdude through the many varied levels.
Views 1959, Upvotes 35
Platdude , Platform , Strategy , Puzzle
  9th November, 2006
The original quick 12 level test of JNKPlat, to see if it would work as Nintendo DS Homebrew.
Views 752, Upvotes 11
  1st May, 2006
JNKPlat with a minor amount of 3Dness
Views 1628, Upvotes 28
Platdude , Platform , Strategy , Puzzle
  29th December, 2003
Nice style, shame about the controls.
Views 1527, Upvotes 10
Experimental , Platdude , Platformer , Incomplete
  10th September, 2002
As close to JNKPlat 1 as possible, even including the old style controls and bats.
Views 1287, Upvotes 9
Platdude , Platform , Strategy , Puzzle , Jnkplat
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